Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wild Things happening in SoHo!

Photo- Untitled 1 by Adam Krause

From the  Francesco Clemente show, I walked down to #3 Wooster Street to Stricola Gallery where WILD THINGS were really happenning. Let me tell you every single piece in this show, I really liked . The show was curated by Greg Garry and in my opinion he did a fantastic job. Great artists , great selection of photographs. The way the photographs interact with each other is just brilliant, you got to see this is Fierce!! Meow!!!
Greg told me that a catalog will be made from the show and I think it is a must have!

Anyway take a look at a some of the great Wild Things  show photos.

Photo- Greg Garry , Curator of Wild Things and a wild creature himself!

Photo-Sarah Small-Punk and Anika

Photo-Sarah Small-Two Mollys on Blue

Photographer Sarah Small strikes a pose in front of her photographs

Photo-Wedding by Robin Schwartz

Photo-Feeding Flat by Robin Schwartz

Photo- Photographer Robin Schwartz and Amelia in front of her Wedding and Feeding Flat photographs

Photo- Vanity Fair 11.2 -Blue Ocean Mix by Michael Werner

Photo-Michael Werner -Vanity Fair Series

Photo-Ryan Pfluger-The Baddest Bitch

Photo- Stacey Pittman - Loretta

Photo-Isabella Rozendaal- Cat- Prepared for Operation, 2006

Photo-Polly Borland- White Rabbit

Photo -John Arsenault -Bunny Face Coney Island, New York

The photographs of Corey Arnold and Alexo Wandael

Photo- Untitled 2 by Adam Krause

Oh and the night did not end up there... more WILD THINGS from Soho at Sara Tecchia loft party for Eric Shiner , Andy Warhol Museum Curator, I will post tomorrow about it. Got to wake up early to go to Philadelphia for Zoe Strauss I-95 show. So...more coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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