Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday in Philadelphia...Zoe Strauss rocks@ I-95 !!!!!

Busy Bee Zoe Strauss singing out copies of prints for John Gordon and the book AMERICA 

The crowd checking out the I-95 -09 exhibit

Photographers, Justin Reed, Timothy Briner and Clayton Cotorrel

John Gordon, Amy Stein and Dina Kantor, photographers

The model and the Artist!

Here is the model on the photo.This is the very first time he has seeing and known about it.

Here I am...The Kellie Harper photo is going one way ticket back to Manhattan with me!

So glad! 
 I visited Philly today. Photographer, Zoe Strauss really knows how to make people right at home.
The I-95 -09 show regardless of the weather conditions (it was raining a little) was great and  it never rained underneath  the  I-95 , where Zoe and her photographic work shined all day! 

From the welcoming pretzels,water and a big hug from Zoe's mom, I felt right at home and eager to see the whole show.The new Alaska photographs series are quite beautiful and if I am not mistaken, the first place they are shown ( lucky the ones who got and bought those) .

Everybody was in great spirits and people from all walks of life and ages were curiously staring and contemplating the range and thematic variety that Zoe brings to her shows.

I think that finally!!!, the local Philadelphian's are finally realizing the jewel of talent that Zoe truly is.

Even the local newspapers are taking notice about the I-95 exhibit and Zoe . I can predict you that next year the final of the project , will be a pretty serious one and that here is a lot more good things coming out of  Zoe ''La Divina''Strauss the name  she is known to most of art collectors and friends .

For the driven out of towners like me that get what Zoe is all about. the journey is always refreshing and quite rewarding!

I was so happy to see several New York photographers like Amy Elkins, Clayton Cotorrel, Amy Stein , Dina Cantor, Timothy Briner, Ofer Wolfberger and the  local ones like Chad States and Justin Reed be present for the event to provide support and  to celebrate.

Me being me...a driven and determined one ...I zeroed in the Kelly Harper photograph. Zoe knew it from the get go. So after I saw the whole show, and thought of how many I liked and would like. very calmly parked myself right next to Kelly Harper photo and did not move till after 4:00 PM when the photos came down . More some day about The story of Kelly Harper.

People were just fascinated and kept asking me why that particular photo and all I said was ...some things are meant to be and this photo is meant to come back to NYC with me. The true meaning of art collecting is to find works that speak to you and that fit right in with your collection. This photo does it for me and more.

All, I can say from me and all of us is THANK YOU ZOE!...LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


Christopher Paquette said...

Ruben- Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. I actually saw you posing in front of that photo and didn't know it was you!

Best ever I-95 show!

ruben said...

That is too bad!
Next time say hello!
It was amazing!
I really wanted that photo so, I had to be around it most of the time.At the end, was worth it.

ZS said...

Love you Ruben... and you too Paquette!