Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peripheries- Mohamed Bourouissa @ Yossi Milo Gallery

Photo- Peripheries by Mohamed Bourouissa
Photo-La Main, 2006 by Mohamed Bourouissa

Slowly Catching up posting! Here is a review of Peripheries a show by Photographer Mohamed Bourouissa currently on display @ Yossi Milo Gallery by ARTmostfierce's News Correspondent , Janine Noelle.

By Janine Noelle
Currently on view at the Yossi Milo Gallery is Périphéries; a series by photographer Mohamed Bourouissa. The ten images from the series portray the racial and social tensions that are affecting the people of France on a daily basis. Bourouissa is staging the events based on common situational re occurrences. By methodically planning the location and lighting, while allowing the subjects freedom in their movements and expressions, the artist is beautifully blending actuality with the impression of reality.

The images depict tense scenes of a contemporary life: two white girls walking past a group of black men; a teenage girl sitting on a bed, one man caressing her while another seems to be waiting his turn. Despite the fact that there is no immediate drama in either photograph the threat of something is profoundly there. The need to worry for another arrives: Will these girls get mugged, or worse? Is she being forced to be with these men? However, upon revisiting and spending further time with the photographs my thoughts deviated from concern to interrogation: Why are these girls in a clearly perilous area? What are they there for?

Being pulled into the conflict of the images I quickly forgot they were false, because in actuality they’re not. The fabrication of the particular events captured doesn’t change the reality this is happening. The works excel not just in the scenarios they’ve depicted but in the execution of this depiction. In not being blatantly aggressive episodes, the artist has us wanting to follow where the story many end and questioning how it began.

You want to know what’s happening, why’s it happening, and how is it going to end.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

REVIEW 2010- 5/26/10

After a short hiatus, I will be here tomorrow evening looking at photographers portfolios. Come by if you have something hot to show me. You never know , you might end up in one of my next shows or I can refer you to a gallery. See you tomorrow!

It is free and you have to RSVP and be a member so...join now!

The American Society of Media Photographers New York is hosting a Portfolio Review for our
The objective of this night is an emphasis on honest feedback that photographers rarely get. . Photographers will range from students to
established photographers. Topics issued will be:
· How is their presentation
· What is working and what is not
· Are their consistency problems
· Etc.
LOCATION: CALUMET - 22 W. 22nd Street, 2nd fl

6:00 Check-in
6:30 Introduction of reviewers
8:00 pm – 10 min break
9:00 pm – end of night


If you are a member, register here:
If you are interested in participating in the review and are not a member, you may do so by becoming a member of ASMP. This event is just one of many we offer throughout the year - including the members-only Commercial Portfolio Review in the fall.
To become a member of ASMP, join here:

Suggestions for photographers to read before the portfolio review:
Mary Virginia Swanson
A participant in the Student Program at FotoFest 2010

Suggestions for photographers to prepare for, and information about, the review event:
Photographers will wait in a line behind a reviewer they want to see. If that line is long and you see a reviewer that is available, jump out of line and go see them - you never know!
You will see approx 7 to 10 people, depending on wait time. There is no guarantee which reviewers you will see.

You will have 10 minutes to present your work to each reviewer, listen to their comments, and ask questions. A 'one minute warning' will be given

We recommend bringing one body of work with 10 to 20 images - big enough that they get a sense but not so big that it is difficult to get through in the time available.

No portfolio over 16x20 will be allowed for ease of reviewers.

Make the packing material easy to get through so as not to slow down the review. Time spent on packing/unpacking is included in your 10 minutes.

Bring leave behinds and leave behind your ego! This is about getting advice and making connections - if someone doesn't respond to your work, ask why but don't pressure them- this might be common sense but some people start arguing with reviewers and that doesn't really work out so well.

Bring your resume, bio and statements. These should be easily organized because time spent searching for them is included in your 10 minutes.

Also remember to bring leave behinds for the people you didn't get to see.

Read the reviewer bios, below, some of which list the type of work the reviewers are interested in seeing.
We recommend you 'google' the reviewers ahead of time to learn more about them.

REVIEWERS CONFIRMED as of 4/20/10 - ( list subject to change based on availability)

Elizabeth Avedon - Independent Curator and Consultant
Elizabeth Barragan - Director- Farmani Gallery
Lindsay Blatt - Daylight magazine- multimedia projects and photo editor
Elise Daher - Freelance Art Producer
Elaine Totten Davis - Coach
Jennifer Diamond- Event Space Producer - BH photo
Jeanine Fijol - Senior Photo Edtior - PDN
Julie Grahame - Publisher, A curator
Sara Hendricksen - Publicist- Allsworth press
Aurelie Jezequel- Editor in Chief Resource Magazine
Mia Kaplan- Freelance Art Curator
Stella Kramer - Photography Consultant, writer of ASMP's Sharpen and Stellazine blogs
David Laidler - Artist relations- Aurora select
Ruben Natal-San Miguel - Editor in Chief ARTmostfierce Arts Blog, curator, collector and photographer
Alex Niki- Publisher- Resource Magazine
Cara Phillips - Artist, blogger of women in photography
Jayne Rockmill - Book agent
Maggie Soladay - Social media expert, photo editor and SalaamGarage humanitarian media producer
Savannah Spirit- curator, Veaux projects
Courtney Strimple - Exhibitions Coordinator- Mixed Greens Gallery
Mary Virginia Swanson - Fine Art Consultant
Leslie Ann Wigon - Infinity pix- custom art services ( corporate buyer)
Laura Wyss - President, Wyssphoto, Inc.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Shelley- by Zach Hyman and Carrie Shaltz

Tonight -Opening of The Naked Truth!

THE NAKED TRUTH- Curated by Ruben Natal- San Miguel. Opening May 13, 2010@ hous projects gallery in Soho, NYC. A photographic and video visual survey of 50 years of Voyeurism, Nudity and Sex.From Bert Stern's Marilyn Monroe 1962''Last Sitting'' to the 2010 Jen Davis- Skype/Webcam series.

Photography by:
Bert Stern
Robert Mapplethorpe
Helmut Newton
Susan Meiselas
Nan Goldin
David Wojnarowicz
Herb Ritts
Mark Fields
Duane Michals
Marla Rutherford
Natasha Gornik
Chad States
Will Steacy
Naomi Harris
Terri Richardson
Ryan McGinley
Marilyn Minter
Phil Toledano
David La Chapelle
Luke Smalley
John Arsenault
Juliana Beasley
Amy Elkins
Josh Qiugley
Aaron Lee Fineman
Zach Hyman
Carrie Shaltz
Jaime Permuth
Guillermo Riveros
Jen Davis

Video by:
Gerard Forster
Pierre St. Jacques


...Just in time for warmer weather and less clothes....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- Ryan Pfluger Limited Edition Print Sale

Photos by Ryan Pfluger

Ok Folks!
Ryan Pfluger needs to raise money for two shows and a book . Here is a change to get some limited edition fab pirnts for only $60.00. Open your wallets and help out.The is a choice of 4 and the Twilda Swilton is one of my favorites. I own quite a few and Ryan always delivers quality!
Happy Shopping!

Here is from Ryan himself:

Hey all. So I haven't done one of these in quite some time, solely because allowing people to choose images became way way too complicated. However, I soon will need to print and frame a lot of pieces for two upcoming shows. I also am putting together a small book, and the costs are more than I foresaw. So, I have choose 4 of my favorite new pieces. Two editorial, two personal up for grabs. Each print will be in an edition of 20, and cost 60$ which includes shipping *US only*, 11x14. Mind you, it will take 2-4 weeks for you to receive after the order has been placed, to give me adequate time for printing and shipping. I would really appreciate you telling your friends, re-posting on other blogs and alike. As always, you my fans are really what keeps me going and the support is always very much appreciated. So pass the message along. I will be taking orders until next Sunday, the 16th.

To place an order, just email to make sure the print is still available and then paypal will be to the same email address. As always, thank you again. Hopefully you like the images I have picked and will want them in your home.

Much love,


One Hour Photo @ American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center Washington, DC- The Washington Post Review

Great write-up by Jessica Dawson on ONE HOUR PHOTO (curated by Adam Good, Chajana Denharder, and Chandi Kelley) that opens tomorrow! Photographers include Elizabeth Fleming Photography, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Shane Lavalette, Zev Schmitz, Lisa McCarty, Kate Macdonnell, Tim Davis, Penelope Umbrico, and 118 more.

My work is in this show! I can't post the photo but, you can go and see it the very last day June 6, 2010 during the closing event.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

John Dunwoody- One of the best highlights @ The Affordable Art Fair

John Dunwoody

Once again the School of Visual Arts has the best things @ The Affordable Art Fair. Dan Halm really knows how to do it. Check out the work of John Dunwoody which, I think is one of the best photography @ the fair.

Also check out the booths of Like the Spice Gallery and Aperture. The for the birds...

John Dunwoody

untitled - composition 1, 2009
archival inkjet prints, 43” x 21”
Edition of 10 & 2 APs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kim Reierson -Body Presenters @ Robin Rice Gallery 5/5/10

See you there!

The Robin Rice Gallery announces "Body Presenters", an exhibition of photographs by Kim Reierson. An opening reception will be held on May 5th, 2010 from 5:30 to 8:30pm. The show runs through June 20, 2010.

Kim Reierson's images in "Body Presenters" are at once as intensely private as personal sensory and brashly public as an aesthetic immortalization. Bodybuilding is alternately referred to by its practitioners and admirers as both an art and sport, and Reierson's camera works to convey a similarly duplicitous take— roaming backstage among the icons, she captures details of their collective camaraderie and untiring self-address, in turn revealing the spirit of competition and simultaneous artistic illusions.

Reierson, in homage to the emerging Fin de Siecle roots of bodybuilding, has chosen to present the works of this exhibition in glass-domed frames dating from 1870 to 1920. These selected frames she sought after and compiled are a piece of American history, having once encased diverse images from our nation's past.

For more information please contact Robin Rice at 212-366-6660 or email