Thursday, May 14, 2009


Photographer Edith Maybin

Photo-Edith Maybin-From The Temby Document Series

Another busy day with 3 talks , 3 shows and of course another party!
The first talk was with Photographer Edith Maybin whose work is being shown @St Ann Warehouse. The talk was pretty good and the subject of most of her work is her daughter.Edith Maybin investigates the space between mother and daughter. She takes portraits in a home environment where she and her daughter enact secret stories together whist wearing Marks and Spencer undergarments, a gesture towards Maybin’s own mother and an investigation into female rituals and sentimental inheritance. The photos are beautiful!

However, my favorite series is The Conversion Document and in particular the photo below

Photo-Edith Maybin-From The Conversion Document Series

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