Friday, February 26, 2010

Bailey House Benefit 2.25.10 @ ROSELAND= Sustained Fabulousness!

Photographers Eric McNatt , Eric Odgen and friend rocking the evening away!

Very, very fierce benefit party last night!

Great crowd ,Tasty cocktails (I heard not me drinking, gave it up since Ash Wednesday) tasty food and a pretty fierce Manhattan crowd...seriously!

I had not seen some of these people since my heavy duty party day and shares in Fire Island and the Hamptons!

A great way to rinse myself from some grime that some people had been trying to pull on me lately. No worries, they will all be handled and out of business very soon.

Speaking of real business, congratulations to Bailey House for such a glamorous evening. Tim Gunn and Simon Noonan was just hilarious as a host! Also, by the time the evening was almost over they raised an estimated $250,000.00 dollars. Yes!!!!
This is all to benefit making a difference in the lives of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

Oh... I just loved the Tim Gunn talking bobble head that, came as part of the goodie Am really going to ...MAKE IT WORK!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Station Independent Projects Presents “Sway “at The SCOPE Art Fair, New York City, 2010

Very excited of being part of SWAY-Studio Independent Projects during SCOPE NY- March 3-7, 2010.

I hope to see you there. Please see press release and info below.

Deana Lawson
Juliana Beasley
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Leah Oates
Pierre St. Jacques

Kari Soinio
Brian Getnick
Miles Ladin

Station Independent Projects Presents “Sway “at The Scope Art Fair, New York City, 2010
“Sway” explores how individuals influence each other with their behavior, dress, culture and in doing so how people shape their environment. Recent research has shown that even those peripherally around an individual shape and change that person’s behavior and habits. Taken on a larger scale, these gestures and beliefs go to construct the society we live in and shape all that is around us. The artists in “Sway” take their focus from a multiplicity of vantage points, and they show the various nuances and expressions that people put in motion in their creation of a society, of themselves and the settings that they live in.

Artists: Juliana Beasley, Brian Getnick, Miles Ladin, Deana Lawson, Leah Oates, Ruben Natal San-Miguel, Kari Soinio, Pierre St-Jacques

About Station Independent Projects:
Station Independent Projects is a Brooklyn-based freelance curatorial business that organizes exhibitions and events with a focus on artist advocacy. Station Independent Projects specializes in discovering new emerging and mid-career artists who are not represented by galleries and organizes shows to connect artists to broader audiences.
Station Independent Projects has organized exhibitions in the New York City area with The Bridge Art Fair, Artists Space, Visual Aids, Peer Gallery, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Chashama, Nurture Art Gallery and in the Chicago area at Randolph Street Gallery, Noyes Cultural Art Center and The Peace Museum.

For additional information or images please contact:
Station Independent Projects

10 Jay Street, Suite 809
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Scope Art Fair Venue:
Lincoln Center
Damrosch Park
nd Street & Amsterdam (10th Avenue)
NY, NY 10023

Wednesday, March 3
First View 3-9pm
Press View 5pm-9pm
VIP Cocktail Reception 6-8pm

Thursday, March 4
12:00 pm-8:00 pm

Friday, March 5
12:00 pm-8:00 pm

Saturday, March 6
12:00 pm-8:00 pm

Sunday, March 7
12:00 pm-7:00 pm

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Amy Stein
Digital C-print (Edition of 3)
30 x 40 inches
Due to my rather busy social schedule, I missed this opening. Planning to see it Friday 2/26/10 even though , I had seen most of this work individually in other shows and fairs before.More on it later if time and busy schedule allows it. The photo '' Struggle'' by Amy Stein part of this group show had seen before... and truly rocks!

February 25 — April 10, 2010

hous projects @ SCOPE NY 2010

Folks! It is all about SCOPE NY 2010 this coming week!
hous projects is rocking the house too with some new works from most of the VERSUS artists and from the permanent hous artists stable.
Stop by!

See you next week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Road Trip - Leah Oates Limited Edition Print Portfolio for SCOPE NY 2010 -curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

During SCOPE NY March 3-7, 2010 , Station Independent Projects will be launching a brand new limited edition portfolio called ROAD TRIP from Photographer Leah Oates. Road trip consist of 15 individually dark room printed and individually signed 8 x 10 images of a limited edition of 10 with 5 AP's. The portfolio was curated by us truly, Ruben Natal-San Miguel. This is the very first of a limited edition photographer portfolio series from Station Independent Projects. Please read more information below and curatorial statement.Also see below some of the 9 of 15 images from the portfolio!

The portfolio is an edition of 10 with 5 ap's and hand signed photographs..
there are 15 - 8"x10" in each portfolio with a bio, image sheet, certificate,
and an essay by you all housed in an archival portfolio box..

The photographs are dark room prints which makes it a very special quality portfolio.
Prices start at $400.00
Get yours today . Only 10 available. For purchasing please contact:
leah@leahoates .com

Road Trip by Leah Oates
Curatorial Statement
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

During her extensive travels throughout different parts of the globe, artist Leah Oates has managed to capture the essence, similarities, differences, integration, complexity and interaction between the natural and the urban landscape. In Oates's images each fuse together in such harmony that they coexist with the other. From Finland to Beijing to Newfoundland to the roads of America, Road Trip is a survey of Oates's photographic vision over the past 10 years. One must always be aware of nature in our every day surroundings as it might not be there for long due to the changing world that we live in today. It is also relevant for all of us to realize how the environment around us affects humans, our behavior and the future. Through this portfolio of fifteen carefully selected and beautiful photographs we are able to see through Oates's eyes and travel on a poetic photographic journey to urban and natural landscapes in many locations.


Here is the artists statement:
Leah Oates

Artist Statement for the "Transitory Space" series

Of human life time is a point, and the substance is in flux...and what belongs to the soul is dream and vapor....

Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations

The work I create first originates as a response to overlooked space that is in a continual state of change. I believe that in everyone there is a sense of flux and a familiarity with this type of space physically and emotionally.

These images are not manipulated on the computer but are multiple exposures onto one negative at a specific location. In this way each image captures a state of flux within a moment and location which has actually transpired.

Transitory spaces have a messy human energy which is always in the present yet constantly changing. I find them endlessly interesting, alive places where there is a great deal of beauty and fragility. They are temporary monuments to the ephemeral nature of human existence in a constant state of change.

Become an Ultraviolet Beauty: Your Invited to SCOPE Special Projects - March 3rd, 2010 by Cara Phillips

Photo- UV Beauty by Cara Phillips
This is such a great opportunity to have the most modern portrait style of the moment done by Cara Phillips. Also it will reveal much more about that what the eye meets so, take a change and get yours done! This is one of the several exciting events happening @ SCOPE NY 2010!
I will be showing work there as well so...
Come and see us!

Become an Ultraviolet Beauty

Having our first showing of the work of Cara Phillips this past December in Miami, we were not altogether surprised by the amount of interest generated in her photographs by the many visitors to our gallery booth. In particular her special series of “Ultraviolet portraits” created quite the buzz from both professional curators, other gallerists, and collectors near and wide. Subsequently, we are more than excited to announce the Cara’s special project for SCOPE NY.

In conjunction with the exhibition of Ultraviolet Beauties at our booth, Cara Philips will set up her UV studio and offer collectors the unique chance to get a commissioned Ultraviolet portrait of themselves or a loved one on SCOPE Opening Day. Portrait shots can be arranged directly on location at the photo studio in the SCOPE Lounge or at the Aureus Contemporary Booth (D14). This is an opportunity that will not be repeated again after the SCOPE fair. So please contact us to make arrangements for your portrait commission!

We are looking forward to seeing you in New York!

AUREUS Contemporary | Booth D14
SCOPE New York, Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, 62nd Street and Amsterdam (10th Avenue),
New York, NY 10023 Map

Wednesday | Mar 3 | 3pm-9pm | First View for all VIPs and press
Thursday | Mar 4 | noon-8pm
Friday | Mar 5 | noon-8pm
Saturday | Mar 6 | noon-8pm
Sunday | Mar 7 | noon-6pm

Yours sincerely,
Cara Phillips and Aureus Contemporary

31 Women in Art Photography exhibition -Humble Arts Foundation

Ann Woo, Cave, 2007, C-print, 30 x 40 in. Ed. 5
A great exhibition event that YOU should not miss. Provide your support to Humble Arts Foundation!

31 Women in Art Photography
An Exhibition Curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein

In March 2010, in honor of Women’s History Month, Humble Arts Foundation in association with Affirmation Arts will present its second edition of 31 Women in Art Photography, a five-week exhibition celebrating 31 of the most innovative women in new art photography. The exhibition, curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein, will present an eclectic mix of new talent, culled from open submissions.

Founded in 2005 by Amani Olu and Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation is committed to promoting the work of new photo-based artists. The New York-based nonprofit serves the international art community by way of exhibition and publishing opportunities, limited-edition print sales, twice–annual artists grants, and various special projects.

The Affirmation Arts supports professionalism in the arts through exhibitions, programming and education.

Erica Allen
Amelia Bauer
Claire Beckett
Gilda Davidian
Jessica Eaton
Carson Fisk-Vittori
Naomi Harris
Carmen Von Kende
Anna Krachey
Yvonne Lacet
Erika Larsen
Jessica Mallios
Alison Malone
S. Billie Mandle
Paula McCartney
Rachelle Mozman
Yamini Nayar
Sarah Palmer
Kristine Potter
Heather Rassmussen
Justine Reyes
Lisa Robinson
Irina Rozovsky
Sasha Rudensky
Victoria Sambunaris
Robin Schwartz
Emily Shur
Brea Souders
Rachel Sussman
Kirsten Kay Thoen
Ann Woo

Press Preview: Thursday, March 4, 12:00–6:00 p.m., RSVP to
Exhibition on view: Saturday, March 6–Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 6, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
After Party: Saturday, March 6, 9:00 p.m.–midnight
RSVP required:

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. and Saturday 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Affirmation Arts
523 West 37th Street
New York, NY

A/C/E to 34th Street and 8th Avenue

Kate Greenberg, 917.375.4333 or

Elene Usdin @ Farmani Gallery

Photo-Elene Usdin-Garance

Photo- Elene Usdin-Josiane

This an interesting photography approach and show. The kind of that you have to see in person to understand the real craft behind it. Head to Farmani Gallery @DUMBO and check it out!

Elene Usdin makes her New York debut exhibiting her current series Femmes D’Interieur, this month at the Farmani Gallery. Usdin, a Paris based artist, combines both her talents of photography and illustration in these imaginative artworks. Usdin’s stunning imagery also provides social commentary regarding the place of women as the decorations within their own domesticated situations. Usdin will be in attendance for the opening reception.

Usdin, a member of the creative collective Hartland Villa, which includes art directors Lionel Avignon and Stefan Vivies, was recently awarded with the London Photographic Associations Gold in Fashion for the “fair-etale” series. She has also been awarded the 2008 Px3 Prix De La Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards honorable mention for her earlier series “Self Portrait with Mattress.” Her editorial and fashion work can also be seen in Eyemazing, Twill, and The World Magazine.

This latest series “Femmes D’Interieur,” which has already exhibited at the Gallery of Graphic Arts in Paris, Usdin reflects upon the representation of women as a decorative element, morphing objects like common household items, furniture, and even the countryside with that of women painted in the style of portraits from the Classical Era. This offbeat reinterpretation of “woman-as-object” is at one time unsettling and yet Usdin has the ability to convey this strong subject matter with wit and charm in her stunning artworks. It is has been said of Usdin’s work, “it is always about women – the women of fairytales, of mythology, and of fantasy,” and she provides that same ideology in this series.

Each artwork is a unique original, hand painted C-print mounted on aluminum. For the exhibition the gallery will show a mix of originals and reproductions available in two sizes.

Sarah Small- Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions Part II -2/19/10

Photographer/Performance Artist, Sarah Small had a private show/live performance Feb 19 @ Salon Ciel to benefit her Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Construction.In NYC, in Autumn of 2010 an anticipated 120 models will be assembled into a series of suspended interactions. Sarah Small and collaborators will bring to life The Delirium Constructions, a series of still images depicting unlikely characters in improbable scenarios. At once performance, party and experiment, the Tableau Vivant will be both the centerpiece and immersive environment for 700 expected attendees. Great show and please help Sarah achieve her financial goal to create a wonderful spectacle during the Fall of 2010.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Photo-Bathing/Benyen, Tiana Markova-Gold, 2004

Here is a good benefit for the People of Haiti- Great photographers and kudos to NYMPhoto for putting it together. Bravo!

Nymphoto Collective is proud to announce its online auction and print sale to benefit the relief effort in Haiti.

The Art for Haiti auction will be coordinated by eBay Giving Works and 100% of the proceeds will go to Partners in Health. The auction & print sale will take place February 27 through March 7, 2010.

Partners in Health is a recognized non-profit organization that, over the course of 20 years, has established 12 medical non-profit facilities in Haiti. Partners in Health is committed to continue to work with the people of Haiti for better health care.

It has been only a month since the earthquake in Haiti, but the press is already beginning to slow down its coverage, which is why the Nymphoto Collective has organized this online auction. The Haitian people have a very long road ahead to recovery. The artists participating in this fundraiser want to show their solidarity and let the Haitian people know that they will continue to support them in the months and years ahead. Some of the participating artists have family and friends in Haiti, and some have built relationships with the Haitian people and culture through photography.

Work by (in alphabetical order by last name) Keliy Anderson-Staley, Nina Büsing Corvallo, Jeff Cate, Rona Chang, Cameron Goodyear, Candace Gottschalk, Laura Heyman, Geoffrey Hutchinson, Hee Jin Kang, Michelle Kloehn, Yijun Liao, Minette Lee Managhas, Tiana Markova-Gold, Stephen Meierding, Maria Passarotti, Suzanne Révy, Jon Shireman, Emily Shur, Brea Souders, Tema Stauffer, Julianna Swaney, Jane Tam, Hidemi Takagi and Jennifer Williams.

This eclectic group of artists has shown in museums and galleries around the world. The fundraiser offers an opportunity for collectors to acquire artwork and contribute to an important cause.


Join hosts Simon Doonan and Tim Gunn for an unforgettable evening at the 22nd Annual Bailey House Auction and Party. Bid on one-of-a-kind items at a variety of price points—including contemporary art & photography, vintage furniture, dream vacations and experiences, personal services, designer jewelry, and high fashion. Sip a cocktail, mingle and people-watch, all while making a difference in the lives of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

Roseland Ballroom

February 25th, 2010 at 7pm

For more information on Auction 2010 call 212-633-2500 ext. 455.

Not missing this one. Photographer Eric Ogden whose work is currently being shown @ VERSUS- hous projects has one great image up for auction (see below).

Photo -Eric Ogden- Red Sky-from his Flint, MI project, will be donated to this year's Bailey House Auction. Feb.25th at Roseland Ballroom

Come and place your bid and you might get lucky!

Also, Eric has his first solo show called"A HALF-REMEMBERED SEASON" @ hous projects opening March 18, 2010. (more info about it coming up soon)

See you there!

Speaking of Eric's How about this one by Eric McNatt also part of the Bailey House Auction?
Great no! Go ahead and put a bid on it!

Photo- Eric MacNatt- C-print 20 x 24

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nina Berman wins 2009 Hasselblad Award!

Photo- Nina Berman

Congratulations to Nina Berman for being awarded the 2009 Hasselblad Master Award for Editorial Photography!
Nina also will be part of the Whitney Biennial 2010.
Congrats Nina!
Well deserved!

The 2009 Hasselblad Masters Awards winners are:

Up-and-Coming: Lyle Owerko, NYC, USA
Wedding: Joao Carlos, NYC, USA
Portrait: Claudio Napolitano, Miami, USA / Caracas, Venezuela
Fashion: Dirk Rees, London, UK
Product: Mark Holthusen, San Francisco, USA
Fine Art: Quentin Shih, Beijing, China
Architecture: Stephan Zirwes, Stuttgart, Germany
Landscape: Bang Peng, Hong Kong
Editorial: Nina Berman, NYC, USA
General: Mark Zibert, Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Movie Theater, Midland, Texas, March 25, 1995
Exclusively produced for Aperture’s SNAP! Out of Winter party
Archival pigment ink print on Crane Museo
Image size: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" in.
Paper size: 8 x 10 in.
Edition: 100 and 10 artist’s proofs
Printed, signed, and numbered by the artist
Presented in a foil stamped folio

DAN WINTERS (born in Ventura, California, 1962) lives in Austin and Los Angeles. He is the recipient of more than one hundred awards, including the Alfred Eisenstadt Award for Magazine Photography and a World Press Photo Award. His work is included in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Austin, Texas.

Do not missed this event!
A must be seen at!

Friday, March 19, 2010 9:00 pm–Midnight
Where :
Aperture Foundation

547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor (map it) (Between 10th and 11th Avenue) New York, NY 10001

Purchase your tickets:

Party tickets, including one print and
Aperture magazine subscription:

> $250 (admission for two)

> $200 (admission for one)

Regular party tickets:

> $150 (admission for two)

> $100 (admission for one)

Buy a SNAP! membership now and get discounted admission tickets.

Existing Patrons and SNAP! members click here for discounted admission tickets.

Contact: Michiko Simanjuntak Grasso, (212) 946-7149,

Sponsored by:

Media Sponsor:

Zoe Crosher and Jan Tumlir in Conversation@Aperture Foundation 2/16/10

This looks like a good talk to go to.Check it out, I might be there.

New York, New York

Zoe Crosher and Jan Tumlir
in Conversation

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
6:30 pm


Aperture Gallery
547 West 27th Street, 4th floor
New York, New York
(212) 505-5555

On the occasion of Aperture magazine, issue 198, featuring Jan Tumlir's article, "Femme Fatale: Zoe Crosher's reconsidered archive of Michelle duBois," Aperture is hosting a conversation exploring self-invention and role-playing as told through personal photographs, and what comes of the great "archival theme" in the digital era.

Los Angeles–based artist Crosher and Tumlir recently co-taught a class at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, on the impact of geography on local forms of artistic production, and they will revisit this topic in relation to Crosher's past work on the city, as well as her more recent series. The discussion will situate Crosher's work in relation to its historical precedents in the art of Conceptualism, the Pictures Group, and identity politics.

Zoe Crosher's exhibition, The Unraveling of Michelle duBois, is on view at New York's DCKT contemporary until February 14, 2010.

Jan Tumlir teaches at the Art Center College of Design and at the University of California, Los Angeles. His book, Desertshore, was published in 2009 by 2nd Cannons.

Monday, February 8, 2010

VERSUS- Review @ Fraction Magazine by Mary Goodwin

Jen Davis vs. Eric Ogden

Many many thanks to Photographer David Bram and Mary Goodwin , Associate Director of Light Work for the great review of the show VERSUS. Fraction Magazine is fantastic publication and , I encourage all you readers to keep up with its great articles.

This made my morning! Thank you so much!

Here is the review by Mary Goodwin:

The exhibition versus should be on your short list of shows to visit in New York City between now and March 8. Curator/collector/artist/blogger Ruben Natal-San Miguel has assembled an eye-popping array of images by some of contemporary photography’s most intriguing artists. The list of 18 participating photographers is indeed impressive, including some well-known names, such as Zoe Strauss, Michael Wolf, Brian Ulrich, Mickalene Thomas, Eric Ogden, and Hank Willis Thomas, among others. More interestingly, San-Miguel has paired these more high-profile artists with those who may be a little less familiar to you, at least for now.

These pairings, from which the show garners its name, are a simple device that accomplishes a lot with elegant economy. In most cases, such as putting Mickalene Thomas’s work together with Nadine Rovner’s, the pairings amplify similarities in theme and approach, in this case, a retro seventies feel concerned with sleekness, glamour, and its impact on identity and narrative. When curator san-Miguel poses the question, “If it wasn’t Penelope Cruz peeking through the window, if it was Jane Doe, would the scene be as powerful, lush, and tantalizing?” about Ogden’s work, placing Jen Davis’s images next to Ogden’s answers with a resounding “Yes!” Sometimes the juxtapositions presented in versus are so refined that you may have to squint to tell where one photographer’s work stops and another’s begin, such as with Phil Toledano vs. Elizabeth Fleming.

Versus takes on additional complexity when work by “unpaired” photographers start to speak to each other from across the room. This synergy happens best when the deserted, signless storefront in Brian Ulrich’s Toys-R-Us reverberates with the erased-logo mints tin in Hank Willis Thomas’s Now That’s Funny; these connections between unpaired works form the connective tissue that holds the whole exhibition together as a survey.

Ultimately, versus is an exhibition about relationships both on the walls and beyond them. The backstory of how the show was conceived, put together, and promoted provides a great case in point. That versus was conceived of, organized, and then promoted on Andy Adam’s Flak Photo website in a matter of weeks is a testament to the strength of the connections among the many players. The quality and richness of versus is proof that hous projects and Ruben Natal-San Miguel really know how to put on a show.

Those who can’t visit versus in person can get a flavor of what it has to offer at the hous projects website.

Mary Goodwin is the Associate Director at Light Work in Syracuse, New York. Light Work was founded in 1973 as a non-profit, artist-run organization. We provide direct support to artists working in the media of photography and digital imaging through residencies, publications, exhibitions, a community-access digital lab facility, and other related projects.

Here is the link of Fraction Magazine issue #11 that you should read!