Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nymphoto Conversations: Vol. 1- 5/6/2009 @ Sasha Wolf Gallery

Photo - Tema Stauffer

Next week is a busy one folks keep your calendar schedule up to date!

ARTmostfierce is blogging away to keep track and remember most of the events going on.

Now Wednesday, May 6, 2009 ...Nymphoto Conversations: Vol. 1

Sasha Wolf Gallery
May 6-20, 2009
Opening Reception: May 6, 6-8 PM
10 Leonard Street, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

Work by Michele Abeles, Juliana Beasley, Rona Chang, Nina Büsing Corvallo, Candace Gottschalk, Jessica M. Kaufman, Klea McKenna, Michal Chelbin, Talia Greene, Maria Passarotti, Susana Raab, Emily Shur, Tema Stauffer, Jane Tam, Garie Waltzer & Jennifer Williams.

See you there!

D E S I R E S - May 5, 2009 @ Chashama Gallery

Yeni Mao-Adventures on the Golden Mountain,

Pierre St. Jacques- Video Still-Project for a Grey Dress in New York

White Consultation Chair, Upper East Side, 2006, by Cara Phillips

This is the second show @ Chashama Gallery that you must check out!


Curated by Robert Curcio

Ricky Allman, Sandra Bermudez, Carla Gannis, Deana Lawson,

Yeni Mao, Cara Phillips, Pierre St. Jacques, Ginna Triplett

Chashama is pleased to present DESIRES, curated by Robert Curcio of curcioprojects and featuring an

eccelectic group of artists playing with the viewer’s expectations and anticipations of what desire could be.

Dates: May 6 to 24, 2009

Reception: Tuesday, May 5; 6 to 8pm

Location: Chashama, 112 West 44 Street at Sixth Avenue;

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 7pm and by appointment

Contact: Robert Curcio; 646.220.2557 or 212.505.7196,

See you there!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday May 3, 2009 Zoe Strauss I-95 Show Philadelphia

Photo-Zoe Strauss- Kelly Harper

ARTmostfierce is not missing this one!

And if you have the time should get out of town and go to Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love to provide support and see  this show. Over the last nine years, with such  tremendous effort and dedication,  Photographer Zoe Strauss has pieced together this incredible and ambitious outdoor exhibit in an effort to share her photographic labor of love with the public in one of the most democratic settings possible; underneath the I-95 Highway in the city of Philadelphia. 

In my opinion this is something that is not done enough here in NYC (maybe because we are too greedy) and that artists should take notice and try to incorporate into their ME, ME and more ME agenda.

Originally the photo exhibit was in tented to demonstrate the surroundings of the highway area but, as Zoe's emerging career progressed, so it is the exhibit, covering territories as far as Alaska, making it a demonstration of America.

Speaking of America, Zoe's book will be available for purchase at different locations in Philadelphia and Zoe will be signing copies. You can purchase America at in Philadelphia at any of these locations:

The Joseph Fox Bookshop
1724 Sansom Street

Bindlestiff Books
4530 Baltimore Ave

Penn Book Center
130 S. 34th Street

All Indiebound booksellers.

In  times of Economic hardship like now , it is refreshing to see that some artists like Zoe are still committed to make her art visually and accessible to the public. 

The show is part of a benefit for the Philadelphia Arts Project which our dear Zoe founded and is the Executive Director. They will a sale of color copies to benefit the PAP.

By The Way... in case you don't know or remember last year, I took the Chinese Bus for $10.00 each way  and the trip was quick and efficient. If anybody wants to travel there by bus...don't be scared ...and if you need somebody to hold your hand to get out of Manhattan for a few hours feel free to contact me to meet up and travel together. I can be crazy sometimes but, a lot of fun!

See you Sunday and don't miss it. It is worth the trip!

For more info please check Zoe's blog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gallery hoping last Thursday...4/23/09 Part 2

Photographer Thatcher Keats in front of his show photographs

This one is one of my favorites!

Yes... the night was far from over... After the Mixed Greens Gallery opening, Artmostfierce and Artist Yeni Mao went over to Thatcher Keats show @ some interesting garage on Tenth Avenue between 20 Th and 21st streets. Almost going under the radar (well Clampart is showing currently some of his work) , Thatcher photographs are great and quite engaging. From children portraits to shots of body parts series Thatcher, keeps it very real for us to see. Check out his work ...very good!

Gallery hoping last Thursday...4/23/09 Part 1

Photo- Andrew Bush
Man traveling southeast on Route 101 at approximately 71 mph somewhere around Camarillo, California, on a summer evening in 1994
Digital C-Print

ARTmostfierce went gallery hoping last Thursday April 23, 2009. For some reasons the liquor @ the openings is minimal or not there at all. Forget the chips or even cookies. Some opening shows were serving only water and soda. Times are changing folks ...and with that maybe you will not find people hanging out at the openings just to drink the liquor, lean on the walls against the artwork , dirtying up the walls with their feet. I heard so many complaints from gallery owners about it and I have to agree with them ...Enough!

Perhaps now we can go to the gallery openings and actually see the work .

Speaking of changing, Andrew Bush  new show at Yossi Milo  Gallery was one of my favorites.

Very nicely curated the photographs bleed up to the edge framed white ( I like the white frame in this instance) the images seemed to drive on the walls,  even suggest the motion and  highway visual from where they came from originally. Great selection and variety of drivers , its moods and the cars that go with it, in my case almost,  making me drive again and go on a road trip. Good show , go and see it and if you can, purchase one of the photographs...they are great!

Please click here for press release and

Coincidentally , the show it also at the Julie Saul Gallery ( Had not seeing it yet!) with the largest images . 

At Mixed Greens Gallery ...

Fries anyone?
By Lee Stoezel Big Fall

We managed to get the real cowboy in the photo to strike a pose for us @ during the show opening. He is for real!

Coke Wisdom O’Neal
Karla Galvan


Coke Wisdom O’Neal
David Renk

Coke Wisdom O’Neal
wood NFS

I really liked The Box series from Coke Wisdom O'Neal!
And for the first time, I did not mind the photos mounted on Plexiglas for these  series, It really enhances the concept and the final effect, just really works. Great theme and very well executed. I found the whole concept really interesting , its setting and subjects photographed inside the box. As a photography collector , this type of work is to me is worth looking into and at least getting one or two pieces from these particular series. Got to see them in person ...flawless!

There is a DVD for only $20.00 (worth purchasing!) that explains and illustrates the whole process. For more info please click

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Online Auction of Photographs presented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art April 13 – May 13, 2009

Vik Muniz is one of most hottest and recession proof contemporary artists right now. His works of art are still fetching exorbitant prices. This is a good change to get your hands one one of his most popular series tilted ''Mounds''.

Take also in consideration that you are getting a set of four pieces for one single price.Even at $1,000.00 bid four pieces will be only $250.00 each. ARTmostfierce owns a set already but, would not like you to pass up this great opportunity. Printed Matter sold the whole edition of it a while back and its final price was $1,000.00. Also, check out the whole auction lot for some great photographs from the best of the best!

Four laminated placemats, one signed and numbered "58 / 200".

1000 - 1500

Printed Matter to current owner.

12 1/4 x 15 1/4"

All lots available for viewing at Daniel Cooney Fine Art during regular business hours and by appointment.

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
511 West 25th Street, #506
New York, NY 10001
212 255 8158
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 6 and by appointment.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2008 Aperture Portfolio Prize Limited-Edition Print Series

Untitled 16, 2008, from the series Angry Black Snake
2008 Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner
Michael Corridore
$ 400.00
edition size: 30 and 5 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered by the artist
image size: 15 15/16 x 20 in.
paper size: 16 3/4 x 20 3/4 in.
Priced to increase thereafter

This one is my favorite. You got to see it in person. Also, check out the whole Angry Black Snake series.

I had a chance to see most of these new Limited Edition Portfolio Print Series 2009 from Aperture Foundation and I must tell you... there is a great selection at very affordable prices.

So it happens that the winner Michael Corridore has the print that, I happen to like the most. This type of image might be a bit hard to see on line but I must tell you seeing it in person...beautiful!

Please read more info about the Aperture Portfolio Prize  below:

Hailing from all over the United States and around the world, over one thousand artists submitted their work to the second annual Aperture Portfolio Prize competition. Of this incredible response, the judges awarded the top prize to Australian photographer Michael Corridore for his project Angry Black Snake. This year, five runners-up were selected: Saudi Arabia's Jowhara AlSaud; Colin Blakely of Ann Arbor, Michigan; Columbia, Missouri’s Joe Johnson; Los Angeles–
based Peruvian artist Hector Mata; and Elizabeth Pedinotti of San Francisco. Aperture is delighted to showcase each artist’s portfolio here.

Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner: Michael Corridore

Runner-up: Jowhara AlSaud

Runner-up: Colin Blakely

Runner-up: Joe Johnson

Runner-up: Hector Mata

Runner-up: Elizabeth Pedinotti


2008 Aperture Portfolio Prize Limited-Edition Print Series

Aperture Foundation is excited to announce a new addition to the limited-edition photographs program. To encourage the collection of work by emerging artists, Aperture will offer special limited-edition prints by the winner and runners-up of the Aperture Portfolio Prize. The Prize competition takes place every summer and is judged by Aperture’s editorial and curatorial staff. The purpose of the Prize is to identify trends in contemporary photography and specific artists whom we can help by bringing their work to a wider audience. In choosing the first-prize winner and runners-up, we are looking for work that is fresh and that hasn’t been widely seen in major publications or exhibition venues. Aperture is pleased to offer our collectors work by these talented artists. Proceeds from the sales of these prints will benefit both the artists and Aperture Foundation.

Bolt, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 2007
2008 Aperture Portfolio Prize Runner-up
Joe Johnson

$ 250.00
edition size: 25 and 5 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered by the artist
image size: 12 3/4 x 9 13/16 in.
paper size: 11 x 14 in.
Archival pigment ink print
Priced to increase thereafter

Effigy of the Unmarked but Persistent Passing of Time, 2007, from the series Somewhere in Middle America
2008 Aperture Portfolio Prize Runner-Up
Colin Blakely

$ 250.00
edition size: 25 and 5 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered by the artist
image size: 10 x 12 1/2 in.
paper size: 11 x 14 in.
Archival Pigment ink print
Priced to increase thereafter

Mentors Exhibit @ SVA-Highlights

Ok Folks...after letting my hair down all weekend...back to business!

I meant to talk about this exhibit earlier but, La Vida Loca got into my system for a few days and it was hard to shake it off ! 

Here are some highlights from the Mentors Exhibit @ The School of Visual Arts. Most of the work was interesting but, in my opinion and taste there were two newcomers that really caught my eye and that eventually, will like to include in my photography collection. One is Sean Gutowski and the other is Bon Duke.

I went around the whole exhibit and kept going back to the work of these two. Sean Gutowski had a photograph tilted Burning Ship,2009 and it really dominated the wall not only for its size (54 x 44) but also for its quality and theme. I am not a big fan of large photographs but this one, looked amazing and can be an exception. This Burning Ship,2009 image in particular is quite reminiscent to me of the work of photographer Lori Nix. 

Photo-Sean Gutowski
Burning Ship , 2009
54 x 44 inches $1,500/$800.00 unframed
20 x 24 print , edition of 5 available $400.00

My other favorite was the work of Bon Duke , who I got to meet because he was a model for Amy Elkins Wallflower photo series.

With Bon, I got to see more range of his work including video , installation and photography. 

Bon had two photographs on display that I became interested on. One was a portrait of a friend(Bruise,2008) days after being hit by a car (something that I can relate to) and a photograph (Cup ,1) of a bunch of cigarettes in a glass and an injection filled with the same liquid that after a few days  if used, can be lethal and cause death. The Bruise photograph reminded me of Francesca Romeo portraiture work and the Cup 1,2008 photograph reminded me and had an effect of the work of Cara Phillips, Singular Beauty Series  which, I am a big fan . Keep an eye on these two never know!

Photo-Bon Duke
20 x 24
Edition of 10

Photo-Bon Duke
Cup 1, 2008
20 x 24
Edition of 10

Bon Duke strikes a pose in front of his creations

The show is running till April 25, 2009. Check it out and see the new talent!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Living La Vida Loca in Manhattan...

Molestation by Straight Girls Gone Wild in process!

MMMM....That brings back some memories....ha ha ha!

My former part -time hobby and maybe next recession Job? mm being down that road before ...and as you could see it does pay up!

Here is the proof! The Straight Girls Gone Wild in the process of molesting me! ha ha ha !
Where are the boys to rescue me?

Andrea showing how the Ivy keeps growing on his body. Every time I see him the tattoo gets!

My friend Andrea, bartender@ Splash my old strip joint...Ha!

ARTmostfierce had go and party up a bit. It all started @ the BOMB Magazine Benefit Party earlier in the evening. After savoring some drinks and food and losing a bid for a Cindy Sherman photo...well then I decided to relieve my work and life stress time @ Splash!!!

I decided to pay a visit to my dear friend Andrea and let loose while at it. I can't post some of the photos but, I did have more drinks and fun!

So...My shirt, tie,  cuff links and undershirt and felt like the good old days when I partied my ass off .

The best compliment of the night came when a bar patron asked me if I worked as a dancer @ the bar...I said what?
I wanted him to repeat the question! I said no but , I the past (way past ) ...yes!
Then he told me that I looked better than the guys dancing ...and he said that without molesting me!
Sweet ...gave him a kiss on the cheek (he was cute) and decided to get my drunk , molested but happy ass home!

 For some reason even in a gay joint , straight girls always come over and I get molested by them ...oh well. That was not my original idea...I wanted to be molested by boys!

This time camera on hand there is photos to prove it.  After having more and more drinks ( this is before midnight , I got some pizza to sober up and end it up in the subway...with Sailors!!!!
Ha ha ha...but not molested by them!

The Straight Girls Gone Wild Subway Series were already @ work. See for yourself!

Now today ...back to La Vida Healthy...Spring is here and remember LOOK BETTER NAKED!

Update-BOMB Magazine’s 28th Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction 4/17/09

Well Last night was kind of a wild night for me...
I started @The Bomb Magazine 28th Anniversary Benefit Party @ The National Arts Club...grand bash see below.

Tickets started @ $250.00 and up for this  great benefit party. 
Great drinks and very tasty food was served as people were honored and bidding for the art was going on. The works chosen from ARTmostfierce to promote the event were the ones the bidders were most enthusiastic about. No wonder... I mean Mickalene  Thomas, Cindy Sherman and Marilyn Minter?
You can not go wrong with these ladies!

Toaster,  Artist Marina Abramovik

Glamour Girls take a break of being fabulous to take action in the bidding of art

Paul Morris BOMB Magazine Director of Marketing  and friends party up

The Cindy Sherman and Mickalene Thomas bidding battle!
I put a second bid on Cindy's (I kind of wanted it) but the original bidder came back and bid again, so I lost! 
Went for a cool $2,300.00 (still a deal)

Everybody was gushing about the very small
one of the kind 4 x 6 inches Mickalene Thomas black & white photos both of them fetching very good prices and proving once again that Mickalene is one recession proof artist!

For the skeptics, The Marilyn Minter Skateboard fetched $1,900.00 with only 2 bids . Not bad right?

Marilyn Minter

Untitled (SUPREME Skate Board,
EYE), 2008
Enamel paint on skateboard
8 x 32 inches
Courtesy of the artist and
Salon 94, New York
Estimated Retail Value: $3,200

How about A signed skateboard by Marilyn Minter ...Do you own one already?
I do! ...well I own the 3 different images .

If you don't, this is your best chance!
Great artworks up for auction @ great prices!

See you there!

2009 Annual Gala & Silent Auction

BOMB Magazine’s 28th Anniversary Gala &
Silent Auction
Friday, April 17, 2009, The National Arts Club

Preview the 2009 works in auction!

View the Artists Draw Raffle
artworks and buy a ticket!

Buy tickets to the Gala & Silent Auction here.

Friday, April 17, 2009
The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
(20th Street between Park & Irving) New York City

6:00-8:30pm Cocktails, Canapes & Silent Auction

7:30 Toasts to Honorees
Our Honorees are:
Laurie Anderson + Lou Rees
Alanna Heiss
Carroll Dunham + Laurie Simmons

The toasters are
Clifford Ross
Marina Abramovic
Lisa Phillips

8:30 Silent Auction closes.
Those who have purchased Dinner Tickets or Tables will be seated.


Melva Bucksbaum + Raymond Learsy
Barbara Gladstone
Heather M. Kirby
Susan Rothenberg + Bruce Nauman
Angela Westwater, Sperone Westwater

Silent Auction
View this year’s silent auction artwork and download an absentee bid form. Images are being added daily! Keep checking back in the weeks to come to learn more about how to be a part of the most fabulous party of the year!

Artists Draw Raffle
View the Artists Draw Raffle artworks and buy a ticket! Fourteen artists are generously creating twenty-five 3×5 inch signed drawings for the Artists Draw. Each $250 ticket guarantees a win! Gala attendance is not required.

Décor: Madeline Weinrib, Atelier
Music curated by: Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed
Invitation Design: Abby Goldstein
Web: Fred Krughoff
Wine: Chatham Importers
Spirits: Empire Merchants

For more information about the artwork and to purchase tickets, email or call Kate Montague at Livet Reichard Co. 212.868.8450×205 or