Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Will We Grow UP? - Finch & Ada -Opening Dec. 2, 2011

For the ones who can't make it down to Miami, there is several events in town for you to attend. This one should be on top of your to do and must see list. Opening Dec 2, 2011 and running for two weeks.

When Will We Grow Up?
featuring: Robert Otto Epstein, Dolly Faibyshev, Sascha Mallon,
Rachelle Mozman, Ayala Mozman and Sasha Douglas.

Finch & Ada, 9 North Moore St., Tribeca, NYC
December 2-16, 2011 
Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 2, from 6-9pm
Closing Reception: Friday, Dec. 16, from 6-9pm
This is a question that is universal and that we often struggle with. It lends itself to a broad range of interpretations yet always remains very personal. In then end it is a question that challenges what it means to be a "grown up" for each and every one of us.
We are all living in turbulent times. Times that require us to change and evolve ourselves and our ways of thinking. The traditional conception of the American Dream is no longer a guarantee, forcing us to find new pathways through life to happiness and fulfillment. Though this uncertainty can be frightening it is also invitation to all of us to live our lives in new and exciting ways and to explore and promote our creativity. Perhaps we need to view growing up not as an expression, but literally. Much as flowers grow towards the sun we can grow up to accept new ideas about ourselves and our world. We must move forward all the while never forgetting our past and the artists in this exhibition do just that.
Sascha Mallon's "landscapes" are a form of visual poetry about the human condition of growing up. Rachelle Mozman and Ayala Mozman explore the mother-child relationship through the life-long artistic collaborations with her own mother. Dolly Faibyshev andRobert Otto Epstein seek to remind us of the heyday of the American Dream, and to alternately show us the beauty of what once was and the emptiness of what that dream has become. And Sasha Douglas images are informed by both her family and personal life as a glimpse into her journey as a young woman into adulthood.
These artists were selected for this show were chosen because their work deals with ideas of personal evolution and nostalgia, which is the essence of what we are dealing with when we ask ourselves "When will we grow up?" As children we long to be grown upî and as adults we continually struggle against the idea and what it actually means. It is conveyed to us as a destination, yet one that is seemingly always around the corner from where we are in our lives. We never achieve complete perfection and balance in our lives, we never stop accruing wisdom, we never cease to grow, so how could we ever be truly "grown up"?
As our sophomore show, When Will We Grow Up? is also a playful nod to the the newness of Finch & Ada as a company as well as our unique and innovative perspective. We ask ourselves when will WE grow up? We founded our business in response to these times of change and in order to create new avenues for artists, curators, and collectors alike. And in the end, if being grown up means that we lose our youthful perspective and cease to grow then we sincerely hope the answer is never. But, if growing up is striving for clarity and beauty then we can safely say that we are growing up all the time and hope to be able to continue to do so and to share our journey with all of you.
For more information on the exhibition or on these artists, please contact via email at and please visit

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swann Galleries' auction of important photobooks & photographs announced for December 13

Swann Galleries' auction of important photobooks & photographs announced for December 13

Camera Work presents: Jean-Baptiste Huynh "Monochrome" Paolo Roversi "Nudi"

Camera Work presents: Jean-Baptiste Huynh "Monochrome" Paolo Roversi "Nudi"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving From Harlem, USA!

Harlem Tribe  2010 , NYC. © Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Best wishes and big love,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


ELIZABETH AVEDON: PICTURE BLACK FRIDAY: Capture The Day: Photograph (c) Ruben Natal-San Miguel PICTURE BLACK FRIDAY Photographers! Get your cameras ready ! The competition is FREE to enter Jur...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Photographers! Get your cameras ready ! 11/25/11 Picture Black Friday III

Photographers! Get your cameras ready ! The Third Cycle of Picture Black Friday...A call for photographers to Capture the Day... is this Friday November 25, 2011. The competition is FREE to enter and this years the jurors are: Elizabeth Avedon, John A Bennette, Brian Ulrich, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Jon Feinstein and Shane Lavalette.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A- Lab Forum -PORTRAITURE- 11/19/11 Queens Media Arts Development @ Crossing Art Gallery

Salon de Belleza 2011 Harlem, NYC.© Ruben Natal San Miguel

QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development

A-Lab Forum

Saturday, November 19, 2011, 2 - 4 PM

Crossing Art Gallery
136-17 39th Avenue at Main Street
Flushing, Queens-New York
QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, continues the presentation of A-Lab Forum in November. The program is a series of monthly discussions designed as an opportunity for artists, working in various media, to present their work, share their visions and ideas in relation to selected topics and concepts in the field of art production, collaboration, and critical thinking. Each forum consists of a presentation by selected artists, followed by a discussion period with attending audience. Participating artists are identified and invited by the curator / facilitator from a pull of entries for that month. Forums are open to the general public, and are free of charge.

A-Lab Forum: PORTRAITURE focuses on notions of Photo Portraiture, their meaning and mythology in the actual context of digital production. In addition, the program explores questions pertaining to the nature of portraiture as object of art, documentation of a lucrative reality or as a simple expression of the photographed subject. Selected and invited artists / photographers explore and use Portraiture as testimony of contemporary art practice or representation of a socio-historical moment. Many of the works originate as individual explorations while others are part of a body of work. Curated by Maria Fernanda Hubeaut.

Participating Artists:

Michael J DiRaimondo
Gerard H. Gaskin 
Mindy Katzman
Ruben Natal San Miguel
Damaso Reyes

Location & Directions:

Crossing Art Gallery, 136-17 39th Avenue at Main Street, Flushing, NY.
7 train to Main Street Flushing. Walk one block on Main Street to 39th Ave (Opposite direction of the LIRR Overpass). Turn Right on 39th Ave & enter Queens Crossing (Large Glass Façade with Blue & Pink Flowers). Take the stairs or elevator to the Ground Floor. Phone: 212-359-4333.

About A-Lab:
A-Lab is an artists’ collective initiated by New-media artist, Hector Canonge. From its inception in 2009, A-Lab's mission has been to promote and forge stronger collaborative projects for artists working and/or living in NYC. A-Lab is an independent initiative whose mission is to inform and assist artists in various aspects of their development. A-Lab's monthly meetings have been designed as a collaborative effort among artists to share resources, know-how, and experience to compete in the market place. In addition, A-Lab highly encourages and supports social activities to take place in local businesses and institutions in New York City. The convergence of the Arts and Community Building is another important component of the A-Lab as members can propose performances, shows, music gatherings, poetry readings, projections, public interventions, and more, in and around the various boroughs.

For more information contact:

A-Lab and the A-Lab Forum are independent initiatives supported by QMAD
Monthly presentations are hosted at Crossing Art Gallery.



Hello Everybody!

This Saturday , November 19, 2011. I will be one of the speakers and will be discussing my photography works  at the A-Lab Forum for Portraiture. Hope you can make it. Curated by Maria Fernanda Hubeaut.

Best regards,

Brazilian Photographer Mona Kuhn's "Bordeaux Series" just published by Steidl

Brazilian Photographer Mona Kuhn's "Bordeaux Series" just published by Steidl

Gwathmey Siegel: Inspiration and Transformation exhibition opens at Yale School of Architecture

Gwathmey Siegel: Inspiration and Transformation exhibition opens at Yale School of Architecture

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Picture Black Friday: Window Shopping- Exhibition Opening November 18, 2011 Chelsea, NYC

'' Buy 1 Get 2 Free '' 2009 Harlem, NYC.
© Ruben Natal- San Miguel

Please join John Saponara , Founder of Picture Black Friday, Elizabeth Barragan,  Exhibition Curator, Finch and Ada Co-founder and Director and Ruben Natal San Miguel, 2009 Picture Black Friday Finalist and Juror for the very first exhibition of Picture Black Friday, Opening this Friday November 18. 2011.

 On November 22, 2011, Aperture Foundation Magazine its Fall issue will hit the newsstands and in it you can find an article featuring Picture Black Friday.

The 3rd Picture Black Friday Competition is November 25, 2011. Get your cameras ready to create Photo Documentary/ Fine Art Photography of one of the most exciting events our most current American Culture. There will be prizes and more info coming up. Stay tuned and stop by the opening and  see the exhibition!

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- Home Away From Home byJustine Reyes

Pinocchio- Justine Reyes

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week goes to fellow photographer and friend, Justine Reyes whose great new solo show Home Away From Home  @ the Homefront Gallery in Long Island City, Queens will be on display from November 12- January 8,  2012.

 Each 8"x10" image is only $75 and is an edition of 25. A box set is available for all 5 images for $300. All prints are signed and numbered on the reverse. Justine is a very good printer so the prints, are of top quality!
Mom Fall- Justine Reyes

Beach-Justine Reyes
 Product TV-Justine Reyes

Alcairns-Justine Reyes

Justine Reyes: Home, Away from Home
November 12, 2011–January 8, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday Nov. 12, 4

The Homefront Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Justine Reyes opening to the public on November 12 and continuing until January 8.
Home, Away from Home is a series of portraits of Reyes’ aging mother and uncle taken over the past seven years at home and in hotel rooms while traveling abroad.  This body of work draws from the artist’s close relationship with her family to convey the experience of leaving and returning home and the fear of losing those closest to us.
Photographs of Reyes’ mother and uncle at home show them gazing directly into the camera while engaging in activities such as talking on the phone, sitting at the breakfast table, ironing or reading the paper.  These images allow for patient and focused observation, and “the opportunity to have an emotional dialogue with the viewer.”  Intimate portraits of her family in hotel rooms reveal the subtle underlying tensions affected by dislocation.  An atmosphere of loneliness permeates these interior spaces, designed to have the look and feel of domestic comfort.  Reyes’ portraits are filled with the immeasurable vastness of age, memory and time.  The artist has said, “I use my work to move through the fear and pain of loss and longing.”  Home, Away from Home is a poignant and personal study that invites us to consider photography’s relationship to emotional truth.
In conjunction with the exhibition Home, Away from Home, a conversation with the artist Justine Reyes will take place at The Homefront Gallery on Saturday, December 3 at 3pm.  RSVP to
This exhibition was made possible by a grant from Queens Council on the Arts with public funding from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.
The Homefront Gallery
26-23 Jackson Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101

Friday, November 4, 2011

Slideluck Potluck 2nd Annual Auction & Fundraiser 11/9/11

Lady Money Sings the Blues, Harlem 2011,©  Edition 3/7, has been donated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel and Finch & Ada for the SecondSlideluck Potshow Annual Benefit. Place a bid and take her home!

You can bid on some cool artworks including ''Lady Money Sings the Blues'' by Ruben Natal -San Miguel
Great food and drinks !  See you Wednesday November 9, 2011!

Wednesday, November 9 · 6:30pm - 11:00pm

Sandbox Studios
121 Varick St.
New York, NY

Join Jessica Craig-Martin & Rirkrit Tiravanija for our 2nd Annual SLIDELUCK Fundraiser & Auction at Sandbox Studio!

Delicious food provided by the Highlands Dinner Club, live and silent auction by Sotheby's, music by World Up as well as guest DJ's and kickin' afterparty!

$125: Dinner + Drinks + Auction
$175: Cocktail Reception with Artists + Dinner + Drinks + Auction



List of Participating Artists:

Alyssa Monks * Andrea Tese * Annie Ling * Barton Lidice Benes * Carlo Van de Roer * Carolyn Drake * Cristina De Middel Puch * Dana Miller * Dave Cole * David Lykes Keenan * Diane Russo * Dolly Faibyshev * Dustin Yellin * Dylan Vitone * Elizabeth Fleming * Geoffrey H. Short * Gui Mohallem * Henry Simonds * Ines Esnal * Jaakko Mattila * James Knight-Smith * Jen Davis * Joe Baran * Jonathan Smith * John Gordon Gauld * John Isaac * Joseph La Piana * Julian Wolkenstein * Julie Blackmon * Liz Marcus * Mark Lyon * Michael Hall * Michael M. Koehler * Michael Schlegel * Mie Olise * Natalie Frank * Nathaniel Moses Ward * Patrick McMullan * Paul Miller * Robert Herman * Romon Kimin Yang * Rosalie Stone Morris * Ruben Natal-San Miguel * Shawn Gilheeney * Shepard Fairey * Stephen Mallon * Spencer Tunick * Victoria Crayhon * Yuri Shimojo

Host Committee:

Alex Salzman * Amber De Vos * Andrew Lockhart * Antonia Wright * Brittan Dunn * Casey Morgan * Caspar Ouvaroff & Ryan Jones * Catherine Blair Carlson * Chris Thompson * Christina Gee * Courtney Booth * Courtney Daniels * Dan Teran * Ebenezer Bond * Eiseley Tauginas * Elizabeth Hartnet * Emily Bracken * Evan Ruster * Fernanda Gilligan * Franklin Boyd * Georgina Schaeffer * Hannah Bronfman * Heather Miles & Dave Lombino * Helen Whalen * Hilary Bowers * James Coviello * Jeffrey Caldwell * Jeffrey Feinman * Jennie Tranter * Jennifer Joy * Justin Gale * Kasuza Jibiki * Kate Nahon * Katie Welch * Kelli Porterfield * Kitty Nastro * Kristy & Chris Hamilton * Lara Bjork * Larah Moravek * Lizzie Edelman * Mandie Erickson * Martin Rosengaard * Maureen Sullivan * Michael Dabbene * Nilani Trent * Page Leidy * Paul Miller * Rachel Markus * Ruben Natal-San Miguel * Sam Gulino * Spring Dautel * Vijay Kumar

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picture Black Friday 2011

''As Good As It Gets'' 2009 , Harlem NYC.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Finalist Picture Black Friday 2009

''Buy One Get Two Free'', 2009 Harlem, NYC.
©Ruben Natal -San Miguel
Finalist Picture Black Friday 2009

Photographers!- Get your cameras ready for the next Black Friday! No matter where you are, you can be part of it and document the event for the 2011 PICTURE BLACK FRIDAY. This year Ruben Natal-San Miguel will be one of the jurors. Rock on!

This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and be part of this competition which is... FREE .

I submitted work to Picture Black Friday in 2009 (its very first year) and ended up being one of the finalists. Now one of my photographs (second from top) will be published in November issue of
Aperture Magazine (on news stands Nov 22) as part of a pictorial article about Picture Black Friday.

This can happen to you too so...go 4 it and enter the competition!
There is more plans coming up , so stay tuned!