Friday, May 1, 2009

May 2009- VISUAL AIDS and THE BODY announces NEW WEB EXHIBITION- Warrior curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

May 2009

image: Derek Jackson, Punx: Wasted, Part 2, 2004

Warrior curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel


Every month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project. This month, Ruben Natal- San Miguel curated the current on-line exhibition which features the artwork of Archive Members; Alex Aleixo, Stephen Andrews, Barton Lidice Benes, Robert Bordeaux, Bern Boyle, Vincent Cianni, Philip Calkins, Rene Capone, Luis Carle, Joe DeHoyos, John Dugdale, Brent Nicholson Earle, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Max Greenberg, Derek Jackson and Jorge Veras.

From the Curators’ Statement:
Warrior - This show is dedicated to the AIDS warriors. All the individuals whose continued activism provide a voice and generate change so that most of us today can have equal rights, freedom and help to find a cure for AIDS...The works selected here, bring to life the passion, the energy, the struggle, the emotion, the pain, the constant sense of loss, the love and the redemption experienced embodied in the gay rights and AIDS activist movements.

Ruben Natal- San Miguel is an architect, curator, writer, art collector, consultant, blogger, and photographer who specializes primarily in the art of emerging photography. In addition, Ruben is involved with non-profit art organizations such as ACRIA, Printed Matter, Aperture Foundation, AIDS Chicago, Humble Arts Foundation, Photolucida and Visual AIDS. He has also collaborated in several projects with prominent artists including Magnum Photographer Susan Meiselas. Ruben is the Editor-in-Chief of the art blog ARTmostfierce <">">">

* Web Gallery may contain adult content

Visual AIDS Founded in 1988, as a response to AIDS and as a way of organizing the art world towards direct action, Visual AIDS has evolved a two-part mission. 1) Through the Frank Moore Archive Project, the largest slide library of work by artists living with HIV and the estates of artists who have died of AIDS, Visual AIDS historicizes artists' contributions while supporting their ability to continue making art and furthering their professional careers. 2) In collaboration with artists and organizations, Visual AIDS produces contemporary art exhibitions, publications, and events to spread the message "AIDS IS NOT OVER."

The Body is now the most frequently visited HIV/AIDS-related site on the Web, according to the Medical Library Association and also the most frequently visited disease-specific site on the Web, according to . The Body contains a rich collection of information on topics ranging from HIV prevention, state-of-the-art treatment issues, humor and art. An invaluable resource, The Body is used by clinicians, patients and the general public. Part of The Body's mission is to enable artistic expression to reach the Web, and to join art with other resources needed to help the public comprehend the enormity and devastation of the AIDS pandemic and to experience its human and spiritual dimensions.



Hello ARTmostfierce,

I'm writing you because I wanted to see if I could persuade you (and your readers/artist friends) to contribute to A BOOK ABOUT DEATH. It's a project I'm organizing in New York at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery. It opens on September 10.. We are anticipating about 1000 artists each contributing 500 printed / hand-made / silkscreened post cards. It's easy to do.

The image should touch upon death in anyway the artist wants. All we ask is that the phrase A BOOK ABOUT DEATH be present in any size, any typestyle, any language.

All the details are on the blog:

It would be wonderful to have your genius in this show. Please take a look and don't hesitate to mail me if you have any questions.

And of course, if you want, share this artist call with any and all your creative friends, it seems you have many great ones.


Matthew Rose / Paris, France

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