Monday, May 25, 2009

ARTmostfierce AFFORDABLE PRINT Pick of the week

Rory Donaldson
14" × 11"
Edition of 100, plus 10 APs.
$100.00 each (unmounted)*

*You also arrange for your artwork to be archivally mounted and wall-ready. For an additional $200, you will receive the artist's preferred presentation of the C-print mounted between two layers of Plexiglas.

Artmostfierce had to see this one in person before making a move. Well ...this limited edition print by Rory Donaldson is quite a pleasant surprise,  very striking, interesting, elegant, from a great series, excellent printing quality and extremely affordable!

I got mine ...go and get yours while they last. Edition only of 100 for $100.00!

For those not familiar with Rory Donalson work, please read press release by Compound Editions:

Compound Editions Presents...

Compound Editions is very pleased to announce the release of our third multiple, SQVENICEWATER08, by New York-based Scottish artist Rory Donaldson. Blending the languages of painting and photography, Donaldson creates stunning C-print images through a digital process that stretches out the original photograph’s four corners. The central image of each piece is identifiable only upon close inspection (see detail of SQVENICEWATER08 below). What greets the viewer from a distance looks to be large blocks of solid color, referencing perhaps color-field painting. As art critic John Haber recently put it:

"[Donaldson's photographs] put color-field painting through its paces. Each divides neatly into four rectangles, in unnervingly close or contrasting colors. For a second, I mistook them for separate acrylic panels, but the effect is more striking once one engages them as photographs. Forget Ad Reinhardt, Clement Greenberg, and pure painting, they seem to boast, with just a bit of arrogance. This is what a new century's technology can do." ---John Haber,, May 27, 2008
Detail of center of image:

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Edward_ said...

Thank you so much for selecting Rory's print as your Affordable Print Pick of the Week Ruben!!!

We're delighted that you like it and very grateful for your selection.

All the best,
Ed & Murat