Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aperture Presents “Photography After Frank” panel discussion with Philip Gefter and Andy Grundberg

Author Philip Gefter and Andy Grundberg

This was a great talk but, it left me wanting more. I  really wished it would it lasted longer. Maybe next year, some talks can be extended to 1 1/2 hours. This talk in particular could it use the time. The period that covers the book Photography after Frank is about 50 years of photography and there is way too many photographers and works covering that period.  Philip Getfer, the author had so much to say and could not get pass the period of Cindy Sherman (70's) and Gregory Crewdson. 

I was hoping to hear about Ryan McGinley and most recent stars of photography. Oh well time and next Photo festival . I must admit that the talk worked in so many levels because NOW... I really want to buy the book to get all the facts. So like me, I encourage you to buy this book . based on this good panel discussion, the book  Photography after Frank it is a must have! 

 Ok folks, I did my best , battled allergies , asthma , partied, commuted from Manhattan to Brooklyn and hope that my efforts paid off in giving you an idea, commentary, highlights and photos of  what the NY Photo Festival 09 was like. Till next year! 

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