Thursday, May 7, 2009

MATERIAL BEHAVIOR @ The Gallatin Galleries NYU

Photo- Ryan Pfluger-Rehab, 2007
I really like Ryan's photographs . He has another great photograph @ the Wild Things show at the Stricoli Gallery

Young and talented curators Emily Gowen and Amy McCullaugh put together a great selection of artworks along with new emerging artists. Some of these artists are already showning in pretty respectable galleries such as Witzenhausen and Jen Beckman. One of the artists is the group show that I keep seeing his work and  personally like a lot is Ryan Pfluger

The painting of Robin Williams is pretty stunning and nicely excecuted.

 Keep an eye on this two young  curator ladies and the artists of this group show. We are going to see a lot of great things coming .Very impressive!

Go and see it!

#1Washington Place , 5th Floor New York, NY.
May 7- June 4th, 2009

Photo- Robin Williams with her painting oil in linen, Collar on boy, 2008. Gorgeous painting and already in private hands.

Photo- Mathew Salacuse- Untitled Boxer 2004

Photo- Hendrik Kesterns- Bubble Wrap 2008

Photo- Peter Haakon Thompson -Pushing Mesh 2005 and My Leg 2006

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