Friday, May 1, 2009

Last night in Chelsea Wonderland...

ARTmostfierce was able to cover two shows last night (I had no idea , time went fast or too much wine went  down my throat) At Pace Wildestein , it is Chuck Close show in four years. The show is well... Chuck Close, who cannot do wrong with me because, I am a big fan of his work. The paintings are brilliant specially when you get up and close, becoming a great abstract and  decontructivist color blocks.

I really liked the tapestries.I thought they are very elegant and who would not like a portrait of Bratt Pitt or Cindy Sherman hanging at your home for a mere $3 million of an edition of six?
The paintings price...I leave it to your imagination.

This show is definitely defying the current global Economic Recession.Go and see it!


Paintings and Tapestries from 2005-2009
on view at PaceWildenstein 25th Street

May 1 – June 20, 2009

Pace/MacGill 57th Street to exhibit artist’s photography

PaceWildenstein, which has represented Chuck Close for more than thirty years, is pleased to present Chuck Close: Selected Paintings and Tapestries, 2005-2009 from May 1through June 20, 2009

Chuck Close: Selected Paintings and Tapestries, 2005-2009 features seven oil on canvas paintings measuring between 72" x 60" and 108-1/2" x 84". The exhibition includes a new self-portrait and two portraits of artist Zhang Huan, one rendered in black and white and the other in color. Other subjects include artist James Siena, Close’s daughters Georgia and Maggie, who have been portrayed by the artist in various mediums since 1984, and President Bill Clinton, a 2006 painting on loan from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

In addition to his large-scale painting, it is widely known that for several decades Close has employed a range of printmaking and photography methods in his continuous investigations of the human face. As early as 1991, Close also began working with another medium to create a woven portrait of one of his favorite subjects, the composer Philip Glass, in China.

In 2004, thirteen years later, the artist returned to the medium, this time working with a Jacquard loom in Belgium. These Jacquard tapestries, woven between 2004 and 2009, originate from recent daguerreotype or Polaroid portraits of Ellen Gallagher, Philip Glass, Lyle Ashton Harris, Brad Pitt, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson as well as two self-portraits; one is a 15' horizontal work featuring five consecutive views of Close, offering a near panoramic, new viewpoint of the artist’s frequently rendered visage.

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Laura said...

I love Chuck Close. It was seeing his work in the Walker Art Center in MPLS that made me really, truly appreciate art for the first time. I'll have to check out the show.