Thursday, May 7, 2009

Richard Renaldi & Doug DuBois Talk -Portraiture in Contemporary Photography Hosted by Aperture

Aperture Foundation Publisher Leslie Martin and photographers Richard Renaldi and Doug Dubois during panel discussion

Photo by Doug DuBois

Moderated by Aperture Foundation Publisher, Leslie Martin, the panel discussion about Portraiture in Contemporary Photography with Artists/Photographers Richard Renaldi and Doug DuBois was quite insightful and informative.

Doug DuBois focused most his discussion on family portraiture. The photo portraits of his bother and mother had a great use of light and were full of tenderness and empathy.

Richard Renaldi discussion was focused more in his interaction with strangers. I personally liked in particular besides his Fall River Boys series, his ongoing portrait photo series tilted Touching Strangers 

Photo by Richard Renaldi-Carlos and Alex, 2007

Photo-Richard Renaldi-Reginald and Nicole, 2007

Photo- Richard Renaldi-Cheikh, Alioun, Gracy, Terry and Pape, 2007

In overall, the talk was great and both artists provided different perspectives and angles of what they define as portraiture . Also was discussed how they cultivate and enhance the craft of creating portraiture even in the most challenging situations.

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