Monday, April 27, 2009

Gallery hoping last Thursday...4/23/09 Part 2

Photographer Thatcher Keats in front of his show photographs

This one is one of my favorites!

Yes... the night was far from over... After the Mixed Greens Gallery opening, Artmostfierce and Artist Yeni Mao went over to Thatcher Keats show @ some interesting garage on Tenth Avenue between 20 Th and 21st streets. Almost going under the radar (well Clampart is showing currently some of his work) , Thatcher photographs are great and quite engaging. From children portraits to shots of body parts series Thatcher, keeps it very real for us to see. Check out his work ...very good!


dagwood said...

just found your blog not to long ago....and I LIKE IT....anyway wanted to give you a head up.
Rago Art Auction Contemporary in
May has a Cindy Sherman Print/ Serpentine Gallery Lot 1247. Maybe you will be the lucky bidder.

ruben said...

Thank you for reading the blog and for the info about Cindy S. Print. I know, I had been chasing that image for a while. I will give it a try!