Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jack Pierson Limited Edition @ Printed Matter...Hurry and get one!

ARTmostfierce just got his ..hurry and get yours now!

A bargain!!!!

Jack Pierson
New York, NY: Printed Matter, Inc.. 2009

Category: Printed Matter Edition
Pages: [1] p.
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 25.5 x 20 p.
Features: slipcase
Process: photographic process
Color: color
Edition 100 and 10 APs
Signed: Signed and Numbered

Price Info: $100.00


Les said...

Thanks for the info, Brat Cat. I just ordered mine. I love it!!!

Laura said...

RUBEN. Love it. This is me trying to save money and you're not helping!

cesar said...

Get it quick, don't be slow.

Anonymous said...

Folks, the print sold out in 3 hours. Hope you got yours.

ruben said...

Yes folks...sold out!
you snooze...you lose!