Monday, April 27, 2009

Gallery hoping last Thursday...4/23/09 Part 1

Photo- Andrew Bush
Man traveling southeast on Route 101 at approximately 71 mph somewhere around Camarillo, California, on a summer evening in 1994
Digital C-Print

ARTmostfierce went gallery hoping last Thursday April 23, 2009. For some reasons the liquor @ the openings is minimal or not there at all. Forget the chips or even cookies. Some opening shows were serving only water and soda. Times are changing folks ...and with that maybe you will not find people hanging out at the openings just to drink the liquor, lean on the walls against the artwork , dirtying up the walls with their feet. I heard so many complaints from gallery owners about it and I have to agree with them ...Enough!

Perhaps now we can go to the gallery openings and actually see the work .

Speaking of changing, Andrew Bush  new show at Yossi Milo  Gallery was one of my favorites.

Very nicely curated the photographs bleed up to the edge framed white ( I like the white frame in this instance) the images seemed to drive on the walls,  even suggest the motion and  highway visual from where they came from originally. Great selection and variety of drivers , its moods and the cars that go with it, in my case almost,  making me drive again and go on a road trip. Good show , go and see it and if you can, purchase one of the photographs...they are great!

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Coincidentally , the show it also at the Julie Saul Gallery ( Had not seeing it yet!) with the largest images . 

At Mixed Greens Gallery ...

Fries anyone?
By Lee Stoezel Big Fall

We managed to get the real cowboy in the photo to strike a pose for us @ during the show opening. He is for real!

Coke Wisdom O’Neal
Karla Galvan


Coke Wisdom O’Neal
David Renk

Coke Wisdom O’Neal
wood NFS

I really liked The Box series from Coke Wisdom O'Neal!
And for the first time, I did not mind the photos mounted on Plexiglas for these  series, It really enhances the concept and the final effect, just really works. Great theme and very well executed. I found the whole concept really interesting , its setting and subjects photographed inside the box. As a photography collector , this type of work is to me is worth looking into and at least getting one or two pieces from these particular series. Got to see them in person ...flawless!

There is a DVD for only $20.00 (worth purchasing!) that explains and illustrates the whole process. For more info please click

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Tema Stauffer said...

I saw Andrew Bush's work at Yossi Milo and Julie Saul today. I love that stuff. Of all the work about Americans relationship with driving and car culture, his says it best. And it is also "a vehicle" to explore some great characters.

The photos are funny and so good-looking.