Saturday, April 18, 2009

Living La Vida Loca in Manhattan...

Molestation by Straight Girls Gone Wild in process!

MMMM....That brings back some memories....ha ha ha!

My former part -time hobby and maybe next recession Job? mm being down that road before ...and as you could see it does pay up!

Here is the proof! The Straight Girls Gone Wild in the process of molesting me! ha ha ha !
Where are the boys to rescue me?

Andrea showing how the Ivy keeps growing on his body. Every time I see him the tattoo gets!

My friend Andrea, bartender@ Splash my old strip joint...Ha!

ARTmostfierce had go and party up a bit. It all started @ the BOMB Magazine Benefit Party earlier in the evening. After savoring some drinks and food and losing a bid for a Cindy Sherman photo...well then I decided to relieve my work and life stress time @ Splash!!!

I decided to pay a visit to my dear friend Andrea and let loose while at it. I can't post some of the photos but, I did have more drinks and fun!

So...My shirt, tie,  cuff links and undershirt and felt like the good old days when I partied my ass off .

The best compliment of the night came when a bar patron asked me if I worked as a dancer @ the bar...I said what?
I wanted him to repeat the question! I said no but , I the past (way past ) ...yes!
Then he told me that I looked better than the guys dancing ...and he said that without molesting me!
Sweet ...gave him a kiss on the cheek (he was cute) and decided to get my drunk , molested but happy ass home!

 For some reason even in a gay joint , straight girls always come over and I get molested by them ...oh well. That was not my original idea...I wanted to be molested by boys!

This time camera on hand there is photos to prove it.  After having more and more drinks ( this is before midnight , I got some pizza to sober up and end it up in the subway...with Sailors!!!!
Ha ha ha...but not molested by them!

The Straight Girls Gone Wild Subway Series were already @ work. See for yourself!

Now today ...back to La Vida Healthy...Spring is here and remember LOOK BETTER NAKED!


cesar said...

When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better.

Mae West

Lisa Hunter said...

Fun pictures!

They remind me of Montreal's Pride Week, which sometimes coincides with Fleet Week(!), so the whole town is overrun with cute young guys in sailor suits.

Anonymous said...

how much did the cindy sherman
print sell for. BOMB

ruben said...

I did have fun Lisa and you are right about Montreal Gay Pride . Was there once for it and had a blast!

They surely know how to party!

Anonymous...Is it time for you to reveal yourself?
Cindy's auction bid price is listed in the blog post below!

Anonymous said...

sorry to be so dizzy, but I just found your blog.....and after I wrote the previous comment, I did see the amount for the Sherman...sorry you were not the winning bidder....