Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Pleasure Seekers show curator Dan Halm

Photo-Photographer Chad States in front of his photo series

Photo-Chad States, Chain Link Fence from "Cruising series", 2008, c-print.

Photo- Photographer Cesar Chaves Lechovick in front of his photo series

Photo-Cesar Chavez Lechowick, Buddy Booth #9, 2005, digital c-print.

ARTmostfierce went last night to seek for pleasure @ Dan Halm's The Pleasure Seekers show @ The Chashama Gallery in Midtown Manhattan.

...And a pleasure it was!

There was a lot sexual tension in the walls and in the crowd itself. The show provokes and incites the voyeur in all of us in such a seductive and quite sophisticated... way never vulgar or crude.

There is a great deal of sexual fantasy and it makes you wonder and think of ways to enhance, improve or restrain your sexual activities or lifestyle. The show opening drew a very interesting crowd. Go and see it . Just with the drawings of Michael Bilsborough alone...worth the midtown excursion!

Please read more show info below:

Chashama is pleased to present The Pleasure Seekers, an exhibition of work based on the quest for carnal delights that ooze with both sexuality and vitality, curated by artist, curator and writer Dan Halm.

What is a pleasure seeker in 2009? In a culture embroiled in war and facing economic distress, one tends to look for a way to escape worry and pain, hence the birth of a pleasure seeker. Hunting out hedonistic desires –sexual freedom, drugs, alcohol and the pursuit of free love – allows one to enjoy life and rediscover hope.

Photo-Michael Bilsborough, No Easy Way Out, 2007, graphite on paper.

Artists including in the exhibition:
Baishian Bai, Michael Bilsborough, Andrew Criss, Eric Doeringer, Marianna Ellenberg, Karlos Carcamo, Patrick Giglio, George Harvey, Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo, Cesar Chavez Lechowick, Jesse Finley Reed, Chad States

Th exhibition runs until April 25, Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm


Mike @ MAO said...

The Show looks nice.. but WHERE is it?? address please?

Unknown said...

112 West 44th Street.
It's fantastic!

ruben said...

Right off Sixth Avenue