Monday, August 24, 2009

Artmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week

All photos by Ryan Pfluger

Boy Scout, 2007

Mike Furey of Dangerous Muse, 2007

Jackson for Paper Magazine, 2006

Nate Moore, 2008

Artmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week goes again to photographer
Ryan Pfluger and his end of summer print sale!

Folks second chances don't come by often so, here is your second and maybe last
chance at getting a great deal and great photography!

Move on it now before you spent the money rained out in a holiday weekend or
down the drain in drinks that the next morning you will not remember you had
only by the hangover.

After all if you buy some of these cool photos they will stay with you adorning
your walls for a long time!

Happy Shopping!

Here is Ryan's words from Ryan's Blog:
Hey all.

Short and sweet. I've figured this is the best way to supplement my income because of how long it's taking people to pay me for editorial jobs. AND, I know people also like getting my prints for cheap. Now that all of last months orders have been taken care of/reprints and all, it's time for a new batch. From now until Friday I'm offering any of my prints, 11X14 65$ and 5X7 35$ which includes shipping and handling (no mishaps this time due to finally getting my mailers right). Just email me at and let me know what you want and send money to paypal at the same email.

p.s. All those who were getting reprints, they were sent out on Friday due to mail handling. Just so you know.

p.p.s. Thanks for everyone for support and patience and all that good stuff. It means the world to me.

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ruben said...

Up date!
Ryan's sale ha been extended till Monday August 31, 2009!
Happy Shopping!