Wednesday, August 26, 2009


All Photos by Natasha Gornik

Last Sunday, I had a photographic experience of the third kind. Instead of buying it, reviewing it, judging it, curating or creating it, I became the subject in front of the camera. To me in order to understand Photography more as an art media, I want to expose myself to every different aspect and angle of it!

Over the years , I had being a model or posed before for several photographers and artists but, this time was different in so many ways. It has been at least 8-10 years!

I am not a 25 yrd old anymore, which is what most photographers are perpetuating in photos these days. I am not also a very tall , or a lanky skinny young model boy like the ones photographer Ryan Pfluger creates great portraits of.

What I am is a strong September 11 and car accident survivor. While physically, I have no scars, they are deeper than my skin. I felt that is a point on my life that, I wanted to celebrate fitness, health and perpetuate the joy of life for all my friends who over the years has passed away from AIDS.

Youth is a very important part of anybody life, but if your life revolves about that... Beauty Fades easily.

I met Photographer Natasha Gornik through Photographer Jen Davis. Later on Jen told me that Natasha will be interested in photographing me for my physique. I said OK, not knowing anything about Natasha's work. I looked at her web site and became intrigued of how this girl can push the envelope with some of her photo series. I also saw that she created very honest and endearing portraits so...what the hell...why not?

After 10 years or so , I wanted to see how my body and my looks have changed. I don't think, I look or feel the same after being hit and almost killed by a taxi in NYC , or coming out of the Towers on September 11. All that plus the fact that, I am older now seemed the perfect facts to see how time and events changed a persons life and it is translated into photographs.

Having a good boy/bad boy quality it is something that I don't hide , I celebrated it!
We all have a dark side, role play and fantasies and me and Natasha agreed that, it will be out there. Sorry folks but, my life is too far from a boring one to change it now and aging, is not going to be a changing factor in it.

Natasha likes to photograph her subjects in their homes so, in this case my apt (which it is not exactly an average looking one) . I was nervous at the beginning but, then things changed and, I think we had a great collaboration!

Natasha seemed very pleased and I hope that one of those shots demonstrates other than. how my very well kept physique has been kept over the years, how much I had tried to work in my true inner beauty. Will keep you posted with the results!

These are just digital test shots, the final ones coming up soon!


cesar said...

Wild at heart, you cheeky devil!

daghi said...

thanks for sharing this exciting
experience. great photos....


ruben said...

Thank you Daghi!