Thursday, August 13, 2009

ARTmostfierce's Photolucida Critical Mass 2009 picks

Photos by Frank Rogozienski entries for Photolucida's Critical Mass 2009

YES!.., the first photo is a winner for me. It is just the kind of photography I like to create.

Artist Statement

This ongoing series, over a decade in the making, explores man’s interaction with the Great American Landscape. Both his unique imprint on the land and his often curious interaction with it. By traveling the by-ways and back roads of America, I seek out the grandiose and beautiful; the quirky and mundane. Through the use of strong formal compositions and subdued color palettes (along with B&W) I am always striving for the timeless, stolen moment. A common theme that resonates throughout this work is the juxtaposition of the everyday with the extraordinary. These images, very often subtle in nature, explore the glory of our natural and manmade environments and man’s unique interaction with them.

Frank Rogozienski
San Diego, CA
United States

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