Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photographer Snaps Nude Pics on Subway

Photo- Jocelyn Saldana by Zach Hyman

This should inspire me for what I am doing Sunday morning instead of going to church. Another blog post will follow with more details. In the meantime, Photographer Zach Hyman his is doing live nude photography in the NYC subways...I love it!!!

NEW YORK (Aug. 21) - A New York City photographer 20 years old from Columbia University, gives himself 30 seconds to take 10 shots of nude models on the subway.
Fearing arrest, Zach Hyman also keeps bail money handy, takes along a lookout for police and keeps his lawyer on speed dial.

He also takes nude photos in Times Square and Chinatown.
During a recent shoot on a subway car, one woman screamed while an elderly man started shaking. Most passengers, though, were blase.
An exhibit of 14 of his images opens Thursday at Chair and Maiden Gallery in Manhattan. Hyman says he's inspired by nude paintings at the Met. He insists his photos aren't pornographic.
People's private parts, he says, are "one of the unifying aspects of being human."

Watch video here:

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