Monday, August 17, 2009


Photos by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

I love being around during Summer in NYC!

Although it is hot, the city unveils its sensuality...people dress and act very sexy. However, since the Economy is the way it is now, one must be very careful when visiting parts of the city that people are not familiar with you. Over several years, my main destination had been Upper Manhattan Above 96Th Street.

I started early this summer but, had to stop and refocus into other parts of the city, due to the constant eruption of random violence and crime in the area. Almost nothing that happens, gets shown in the news.

I had always loved people's reaction towards water. I think it brings the inner child in all of us but, it also brings out the sensuality and vulnerability. I like street photography and even though, I collect the rather at times still studio photography. Studio photography is beautiful but, it can never capture the realness and the motion and the beauty of the moment. It can also look at times be a bit too intellectual mind fucked and not interesting. That goes without the ego of the photographer involved in it, which trust me, these days is a little bit overblown.

Being part of Photolucida's Critical Mass 2009 Jury Pre-Screening team, helped me re-valuate the photography work that, I had recently had been collecting and its photography sources. Trust me folks, there is going to be some changes in the way, I collect from now on. And to some photographers, here is a piece of advise ...before dealing with me or any collectors friends, dealers or institutions...check your EGO at the door!

Nothing is better that true talent with humble, gracious and appreciative manners.

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