Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Forward Fiesta - la casa di Sara Tecchia- Bravissimo!

Gallerista and Hostess,Sara Tecchia working the camera and photo crew, Lights, Camera...Action!

Writer and Editor, Robert Ayers holding court

Karen and Conor Risch, Features Editor for PDN

Sara and her mom talking to party guests .

Photographer and Fall Forward show artist, Christa Parravani

Conor Rish Features Editor from PDN, Karen his wife and Kris Graves from +Kris Graves Projects

Kris Graves, Sara Tecchia and Photographer Christa Parravani

Photographer Sebastian Denz, Painter Mathias Koester and artist David Fried

The party patrol crowd

Oh yeah - Artist/painter Jasper and Ruben Natal- San Miguel

Last night after a great opening reception at Sara Tecchia Roma New York Gallery , a great group show with amazing new works from Christa Parravani and Sebastian Denz among the several artists featured in the show(a must see and must own). Then off to the Lower East Side to see Slava Mogutin's Food Chain ( very interesting curated show) and after some tasty dumplings at Vanessa's ( we love high and low!) me and Kris Graves from + Kris Graves Projects Gallery, went to la casa di Sara Tecchia for the Fall Forward reception...and a real fiesta it was!

Great crowd , great food oh...and great Bellini's that are still spinning in my head. Sara is always the perfect host and television crews and camera's were catching every single moment on film. A true and real Sex and the City night for me and all who attended. Then again Sara, is the real deal ...Gracie Sara...Bravissimo!

Glamour Girl...Sara!

Special thanks also to Photographer Sebastian Denz for giving me a signed copy of his brand new book Skateboarding.3D. The book will be released in the United States next month by Prestel

This photos are by Ruben Natal-San Miguel and by no means are to be copied , used or distributed!

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