Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NYC gets DOMESTICATED by Amy Stein @ Clampart Gallery 9/10/09

Amy Stein

Signed and numbered, verso
Digital C-print

30 x 40 inches
(Edition of 3)
Sold out.
24 x 30 inches
(Edition of 10)
Contact gallery for price.

This another September 10, 2009 opening show not to be missed. After going to the opening, a review of the show will follow.

Even tough the Domesticated series by photographer Amy Stein has been exhibited nation wide and internationally, this is the first time the whole series is shown in a NYC Gallery as a solo show.

Congratulations to Amy Stein and Clampart Gallery !

What a perfect match!

More images, info and show review later...stay tuned!
See you at the opening...don't miss it!

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