Saturday, September 12, 2009


Alix Smith
States of Union #8
40 x 50 in. Digital C-Print @ Morgan Lehman Gallery

This is not in order of preference , I happen to like (love! ) all these Art Shows listed here and will encourage you to see EVERY single one of them , no exceptions. Folks ...really the Art Dealers and artists worked very hard to produce this stellar shows and fight against this damned economy.

NOW it is your turn to stop vegging , get your ass out of that couch, put some comfortable shoes on, get this list that, I also have to work hard for putting together for YOU and get out there and provide support !

Oh...and bring your WALLET because trust me, most of what you see you do want or must own!

1. Tracey Baran - Pictures of Tracey Baran @ Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

2.Peter Huyar - Photographs 1956-1958 @ Matthew Marks Gallery

3. Amy Stein-Domesticated @ Clampart Gallery

4. Tim Roda- Family Matters @ Dan Cooney Fine Art Gallery

5. Kara Walker + Mark Bradford @ Sikkemma Jenkins Co.

6. Eric Lo Presti- Fade @ Like The Spice Gallery, Williamsburg

7. Todd Hido- A Road Divided- Nicolai Howalt- Car Crashes @ Bruce Silverstein Gallery

8. Simen Johan- Until the Kingdom Comes @ Yossi Milo Gallery

9. Andy Yoder - Man Cave @ Winkelman Gallery

10. Group Show- Play it Forward @ Schoeder- Romero Gallery

11. Thomas Allen- Epilogue @ Foley Gallery

12. Juergen Teller- Paradis @ Lehmann Maupin Gallery

13. Simon Roberts- WE ENGLISH- @ Klompching Gallery DUMBO

14. Jason Hanasik- He Opened up Somewhere Along the Eastern Shore @ +Kris Graves Projects DUMBO

15. Mathew Weinstein + Lawrence Beck @ - Sonnabend Gallery,

16. Josh Azzarella & Castaneda/ Reiman @ DCKT Contemporary

17. Alix Smith-States of Union- Morgan Lehman Gallery

18. Hey! Hot Shot!- Group Show @ Jen Bekman Gallery

19. Breyer P-Orridge- Genesis @ Invisible- Imports

20. Arbor- Group show- Michael Mazzeo Gallery


ruben said...

Oh and just in case, I had seen them all!

Dan Cooney said...

Great List! Glad we made it! Phew!! Love most the others too!