Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nadine Rovner- THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HERE @ The Print Center- Philadelphia 9/909

All photos by Nadine Rovner for the series There's No Place Like Here

Well, I know there is a great amount of shows in the NYC area but, If you happen to be in Philadelphia I urge you to see this one and tell me all about it. I really like Nadine Rovner's photography...actually quite a lot and she is on top of my list of photographers that as soon as I get a chance, will love to have in my photography collection. I mean seriously, love, love her themes , her nostalgic 70's photography feel , the color saturation...everything!

So... I will try to go to Philly when the Manhattan show opening madness calms down a bit (there is some really great shows opening this week! ..see previous blog posts) and make a point of seeing these two cool great shows.

There’s No Place Like Here: Nadine Rovner
Finding inspiration in the suburban landscape of southern New Jersey where she was raised, Philadelphia photographer Nadine Rovner creates works that are part reality, part cinematic fantasy. Depicting parking lots and highway roadsides in rich, saturated colors, Rovner’s work recalls 1970s color street photography

Exhibitions will be on view through Saturday, November 21.


September 16, 2009

Personal Views: Contemporary Photographic Portraiture in Philadelphia

Daddy Tattoo, Zoe Strauss
Nadine Rovner

Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, Jessica Todd Harper, Andrea Modica, Nadine Rovner, Sarah Stolfa, Zoe Strauss

Start Time:
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 6:00pm
Gallery 339
339 South 21st St
Philadelphia, PA

Personal Views is an effort to present the depth and richness of photographic portraiture that is being made by Philadelphia-area artists. The exhibition developed out of a recognition that some of the most accomplished and interesting contemporary portraiture is being made here, and features seven local female artists: Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, Jessica Todd Harper, Andrea Modica, Nadine Rovner, Sarah Stolfa, and Zoe Strauss. Evidence of this recognition is visible in the highly praised recent books by Jessica Todd Harper (Interior Exposure), Zoe Strauss (America) and Sarah Stolfa (The Regulars). Other emerging artists in Personal Views, Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, and Nadine Rovner, are similarly seeing their work recognized through local and national awards, competitions and exhibitions. And further adding to the city’s gravity in this genre is the recent arrival of renowned portrait photographer Andrea Modica, who took a teaching position at Drexel University. While these artists are not joined by a single movement or aesthetic view, the convergence of so much talent and strong work and the visibility of these artists through their books, exhibitions and other projects has created a palpable sense of momentum in local photography and a greater public interest in portraiture. The exhibition will open with a reception on Wednesday, September 16, from 6-8pm.

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