Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alex Leme-Thank you!!

Photo- Alex Leme- from Literary Ghosts Series
Tonight, I had the pleasure to start looking to see what is new in the gallery scene in NYC.
Some interesting work in the Lower East Side galleries.
Also , I had the pleasure of meeting and giving a critique to one of the Photolucida's Critical Mass 2009 entries, Alex Leme.

We had a very honest and deep discussion about his work specially his Literary Ghost series which he submitted to Photolucida's. I casted a vote for Alex series but unfortunately he , did not made the cut on the first round. I still believe in his work and tonight among other things we discussed, why he did not made the cut for others . After discussing and seeing the whole series , I realized maybe the editing of the series could it been the factor. He had another stronger photos of the series not included. It is very important to have somebody else look and help editing your work. Alex photographs have a great quality and theme, it is very unfortunate.

A few weeks ago, Alex had a game to see who will guess the name of a new series he is currently working on. Guess who guessed the truly!
So as a prize I got one AP from the Literary Ghost series shown above and a great Blurb book of the series with the same title. Thank you Alex , you made my night and yes this one is going up the wall, not in storage!...I promise!

Alex Leme
Little Rock, AR
United States

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