Sunday, September 20, 2009

David DiMichelle-Pseudodocumentation @ Randall Scott Gallery

Pseudodocumentation: Hose Drawing
Lightjet print
42 x 55 inches

© David DiMichele

Pseudodocumentation: Lightrods, 2008
Lightjet print
40 x 65 inches

This is a great show worth seeing!
The photographs are greatly executed and possess such beautiful quality. A very intricate and creative process with great visual results. The photographs are quite monumental in size and in this case it justifies the effort. Please go to DUMBO and see it.

The Randall Scott Gallery is pleased to present our September exhibition; A two person exhibition by David DiMichele: Pseudodocumentation and Chris Anthony: Stages from September 10th-October 17th 2009. Also on exhibition in our Project Room: new photographs by Lara Jo Regan.

Los Angeles based artist David DiMichele creates the fantastic. His environments follow contemporary trend to construct the monumental, to surround the viewer with visual stimulus. His work however is assembled, not in the cavernous halls and galleries of museums and art centers, but on a table in his studio.

DiMichele builds his environments as finely detailed dioramas and then he photographs them. His “pseudodocumentary” photographs comment on the way we see and experience the monumental art that it pays homage to. Not often can the public experience the physical sense of an enormous installation. Most commonly, we see the work through a reproduction or website. Working in this manner, DiMichele can take the “installation shot” much further. Controlling light, angle and composition. And heighten the experience.

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