Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rachel Barret's NYC Newsstand Project print (8” x10”), edition of 100 for only $100.00

Photo- Newstand 2 by Rachel Barrett

For those who are not in Facebook, ARTmostfierce found this limited edition by Rachel Barrett.
From the Newstand Series, you can get one 8 x 10 of the Rachel Barrett, Newstand series for only $100.00 !

Check it out and get one!

Next American City is pleased to announce the second print in its limited edition series. 1st Avenue & 79th Street, NE Corner by Rachel Barrett. It is part of Rachel’s NYC Newsstand Project and was featured in Issue No. 22 of Next American City.

Limited Edition of 100, digital-chromogenic print, 8” x 10

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Anonymous said...

Seems that anything photographed enough times over and over is considered art(istic) these days, not matter how mediocre the work or uninteresting the subject matter is, newstands, store fronts, warehouses, subway stations, etc.

What's the fascination? Thank's Becher's, for nothing!

A Fan

ruben said...

The intention of Rachel Barret with the newstands is to document them as their character continues to dissapear in NYC. I don't know if you live here but, if you do they are not that many left that look like that around, at least in Manhattan.They are slowly being replaced by a modern glassy cookie cutter version now. Photodocumentary always has its value and I think that is why this series is trying to do. I hope this might explain it to you better.