Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines and Happy Anniversary!

Hanging Heart by Jeff Koons

ARTmostfierce wishes everybody a Happy Valentines Day!

Coincidentally it is also the first year anniversary of ARTmostfierce's blog.

Yeah ...a year old...a lot of great things happened...

During the past year, I had been so fortunate to be able to get to meet and know some pretty incredible and amazing people in the art business. The people the places, the parties, events and...Ah most of all ...The ART!

I feel pretty satisfied that the blog is doing what I had set to do from the very first blog, promote, encourage, advise, share, communicate, inform and most of all make you collect ART!!!

Thanks to you all !

Have a great Valentine and Presidents Day holiday weekend!

As for me a single bachelor...I intent to paint the town RED with a beautiful stranger!

Hell Yeah!

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Tema Stauffer said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks for all the passion you are putting here ...