Sunday, February 1, 2009


Like to buy any artist work that does not sign their work...PERIOD!!
Be advised whoever is trying to sell or show me work... Please do not BOTHER!!!

If the signed label is gone , so it is the value of the work. The artist comes across also as lazy and mass producing the work.Let alone, if these days even a Louis Vuitton bag can be reproduced to perfection with all the high technology and scam artists, so can your work! .The signature right on the print is more important to me . To all artists , take pride on your work, stop stupid trends and to the Art Dealers, please advise before purchasing , so potential buyers have a chance to decline a sale ....I WILL!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Ruben.

A good point that really cannot be made often enough.

I totally love your header image BTW.

ruben said...

Thank you so much~!
That is one of my own photographs from the Above 96st. series shot here in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

It is cool, and resonates with me today precisely because it is the exact opposite of the scenes I experienced in London today. It has been snowing all day, which is pretty rare.

ruben said...

Oh, I hear you Peter.This was done this past summer 2008. I wish, I was that kid right now having fun with a fire hydrant. The series of photos is about 25.

That was one of my best days last summer photographing over Upper Manhattan NYC.

Hang in there...Spring is coming!

Spike said...

What prompted this?

ruben said...

Recent art purchases. It is becoming quite a trend, like the white frame thing. The main excuse is that dealers say is that way the collector can get the photograph mounted on Sintra board and use the label instead.

The images are sent to dealers the dealers get them printed , the labels are sent to the artist to be signed and there you go...mass production!
Sorry ...I want my work signed at verso and not mounted on anything.
Artists should take more pride on their work.
Maybe I should start buying paintings again...

Lisa Hunter said...

Hmm. I had a problem recently with a verso signature bleeding through the paper. I had to get it matted as a result. So nothing's perfect.