Sunday, February 1, 2009


Lia Halloran
Dark Skate / LA River Broken Line

c-print, ed. of 50
11 x 11” image, 12 x 12” paper


For those who saw me running around last Friday night between art openings with a piece of cardboard getting happy with wine @ Jen Beckman's Hey Hot Shot opening show...well look above. It is a limited edition of Lia Halloran Dark Skate series and I really recommend you to try to get one. I saw both of the photographs shown here during Miami Art Basel and got stocked in my mind from among all the many thousand things I saw and, people offered me to buy. This image in particular cannot be enlarged like the other images in her series so , I think it makes it more unique, extremely affordable and highly collectable.

Lia's photographic technique is very interesting, unique and right now, not that many people is doing this type of photography out there.

For only $375.00 done on metallic paper... trust me, it is beautiful and you can have one an as part of an edition of 50...they are flying out the door!

Well ...hurry up and get yours!
Dennis and Kenny from DC/KT Gallery will be able to help you. If you can get a large one(like the one shown below) do is a pretty fierce purchase.

Lia Halloran
Dark Skate Miami / Palms
c-print mounted on
Sintra, ed. of 5 + 2 AP

48 x 56"


Anonymous said...

Nobody is doing it, except all these people:

ruben said...

Thanks Douglas for the info!
I forgot that by now everything is already done and a lot of minds think a like.

Laura said...

Finally! I know what you've been talking about Ruben! I'm really enjoying these photos! (and apparently also enjoying '!')

Rudy Perpich said...
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Rudy Perpich said...
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Rudy Perpich said...

You might like the work of Tokihiro Sato. He did a series called Photo-Respiration in which he used discrete points of light, rather than ribbons of light as in the Dark Skate Series.

Thanks for all the information you provide on your blog.

Best wishes,