Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just when you think you are done with Art Collecting...

archival inkjet print
26" x 18"

There was something lingering and rather missing from my birthday and the Holidays for me. During Miami Art Basel, I made a BIG MISTAKE!

Bidding for an Art Auction in Manhattan while away (can't happen again) in Miami. It caused and made my mind think and act all over the place, having a hard time focusing in what was in front of me. There were so many deals!

As a result of it, I lost the opportunity of getting new, fresh art pieces and one of them is the photograph shown here. It is by Ariana Page Russell shown @ the AQUA South Beach ART fair by the Platform Gallery from Seattle WA.The minute I saw it ...I wanted it but, my mind was all over the place.The price was great, the work was new and size, edition , theme ...I mean everything about it was just right. All my friends kept telling me to buy it and I just froze!

Our friends @ MAO were smart enough and jumped on it. I even posted a blog about while there but, never bought it. The Dealer called me while in Miami, telling me there was just one left and I could not even process that. So what?

The photograph kept lingering in my head during this past two months and I finally had the courage to ask Platform Gallery if there was any leftovers for me. They told me as I expected it, that the edition of five was sold out!

Well...all of the sudden, I got an email from Blake from Platform Gallery telling me that there is a possibility that the is an artist proof of Sugarplum I said WOW...but then later, I found out there was a catch...somebody had it on hold to purchase!

For some strange reason, (God knows I was putting a curse on the competitor) the other collector decided to pass and guess what?

I am the proud owner of it now!!!!
Hell Yeah!

Coincidentally Ariana is moving to New York City and she is having her second solo show @ Magnan Projects in April 2009.
So..there is a good end to the story!

Special thanks to Stephen and Blake from Platform Gallery in Seattle, Washington and to Ariana Page Russell for making this possible.Art collecting is not easy at times but, it can be so rewarding.Thanks also to MAO for keep reminding me of it.

This was another learning experience for me as an Art Collector. Lesson learned!

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