Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Art Collecting Turns into a Nightmare!

Photo by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

ARTmostfierce recently has experienced several nightmares while collecting works of art.

One of them was a dealer from out town (will never mentioned names) sending me a photograph without any signature or edition number at verso.
The information was clearly specified on the site. Then I get a letter in the mail with a sticker label and you can tell clearly that the label was printed with the electronic artist signature...tacky ...right?

To make things worst, the label and the web site indicated that the photograph was 20 x 24 inches...well, I measured it and it was more like 22 x 27 inches. So what kind of validity this photograph has for collecting purposes...F****g ZERO !

I had to send a quite nasty e-mail in order to get my point across (was so close to call Credit Card and claim fraud) and now, I have to send the photograph back to get proper information that I originally paid for . Collecting art is my hobby folks , this is already turning into work and, I already have a job !

Then I get another photograph from an auction supposed to be 20 x 24 , called the dealer while on the road and tell me to measure it myself...well thank God because when I did it is 23 x 29 inches ..ok.

My question is who is responsible for this?
Are artists so delusional that don't have a clue of what they are creating?
Are the Art Dealers just pushing work for collectors not knowing the true details of what they are selling?
Can Art Collectors trust this type of interaction?...The answer is NO!
Then to add insult to injury, I am told how lucky I am to get the work @ such price...well it is more like how lucky you are that I purchased and recognized your work (in this ecomomy) when nobody else was paying attention to it.

I have a whole pile of artworks that, I intent to frame over the holidays and after these type of incidents, I might have to put it off altogether unless, I get a holiday bonus for this type of extra work .

What is supposed to be fun and a pile of Christmas presents is, turning into a true nightmare!

I expect Art dealers to know the whole product that they are selling inside out.

Artists should know better while printing the work to provide EXACT information about the work.They should also know that standard sizes like 20 x 24 are easier more affordable to frame.
For art collecting purposes all art work data needs to be accurate. Folks ...I am not hanging only pretty pictures at home...I am investing in ART too!

Amy Stein and I had a conversation last week about one collector that actually chopped off one of her photos to a more standard size . I heard this and was totally horrified!

I will not get into such practices but, I can understand why it was done. Again, the standard size issue comes into play.

Whoever is reading this please be aware of the pains and annoyance it causes. If you want me to buy your work or continue buying it (in this current Economy climate, artists and dealers should be kissing every body's ass for a purchase) , please take this on consideration.

Aperture Foundation is one of the very few organizations that does this so professionally, you really know what are you getting . They provide image size and paper size...please take a clue from them! That is why I will continue buying from them...I know what I am getting instead of b******t.

Another thing I was told was, to mount a photograph on a board...Never!
Do some people have a clue of what true Art Collecting really entails?

I will never mount a photograph on a board to frame!
Devaluation the of work..never!

All these happenings are almost motivating me as Amy Stein suggested me ( I wish all the artists were and think like her) to write a book about ART Collecting. With 2009 coming and people being so clueless or misinformed, I just might!
OK... enough bitching!
Have a Happy Holiday and make mine better by being more professional about your work and what you try to sell!


Lisa Hunter said...

Are the measurements really that wildly off, or is it maybe a case of them measuring only the image and you measuring the whole paper?

Oh, and you'll tell ME who it was, no?

ruben said...

No Lisa, as I point out, Aperture is one of the few places that makes such distintion of paper size and image size.

I have several invoices from art dealers with erroneous image sizes.

Off course, the most common thing for them is to blame the artist for it.

Yes, I will tell you privately and other fellow collectors but, never here.They read the blog so, I hope they get the hint.

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

I aways learn something
when stop by your blog
I offer some of my photo-collages
for a auction/found raising last year
I did everything like they said to do
the only thing they didn't do it
was collect my pieces. I'm still waiting for them to came to pick it up...

Do they maybe snob me out?

whatever happen I was surprise and desapointed

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

you're the coolest!

miami beach condos said...

you really know what are you getting . They provide image size and paper size. thanks for sharing here..