Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Artmostfierce Christmas Wish List

Jacob- Portrait Photograph by Tema Stauffer

It has been an amazing year!
ARTmostfierce was busy trying to get his hands in every possible artwork the whole year (it is not over or finished yet).

I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to collect art , meet the artists and get to know them through their work.

I had been greedy, naughty and sometimes bitchy but, on the other hand, I had been extremely generous, kind , supportive and more than anything a true friend. So, with that on mind , here is my Christmas Wish List of things that I desire to have,maybe have eluded me or simply since I buy constantly, can't afford now!

1. Marilyn Minter- Once again I goofed @ the ACRIA Auction (I hate auctions!). It would cost me $10,000.00 but, So worth it! I never give up on this one.

2. Cindy Sherman- Another one hard to get. While parting my ass off in Miami , Printed Matter had an auction (another of those damn ones!) and Cindy had 4 works ranging from $1,200.00 to $3,500.00 . I will whip out my plastic in a heartbeat! f**k!
So 2009 I will hunt you down!

3. More and More Zoe Strauss photos!...Never enough! Zoe is my girl!!!

4. A Amy Stein Domesticated Series Photo- Not giving up on this one either. Got to have it!

5. More and More Brian Ulrich Photography!

6. More Amy Elkins photos and more hanging out with her. She is a lot of fun and we are bad together!

7. The lucky seven goes to Tema Stauffer and her portraiture series. One of my picks @ Photolucida's Critical Mass 08, this portraits are a must have!

8. More and More Will Steacy photos! That Porno Theater photo...can't get out of my head!

9. A Thomas Alleman Photo. This guy was one of my favorites of Critical Mass 08!
Great black & white glamorous!

10.A Lia Halloran photo. from the Miami series please!

11.A Susan Meiselas photo (well, that is kind of already under the tree!)

12. A William Eggleston photograph will be nice...

13. More Carlo Van der Roer photography. Love swimming pools!

14. More and more photos from the Embodiment series of Molly Landreth!

15. Some work from Shepard Fairey would be nice too...

16. More Hanna Withaker work...maybe the spider if... I dare to get over my arachnophobia?

17. A Erik Percher photograph

18. About 3 Andrew Bush Vector/Drive photograph series... that would be awesome!

19. Aida Ruilova A-Z relief C-prints series. I settle for the R one!

20. Architect Zaha Hadid artwork. She rocks! but it is quite pricey!!!

21. A Corey Arnold photo ...the one with the cat and the mask on the it!

22. Artwork from Mickalene Thomas it it it. Swarowski and all bling included!...Yeah! very pricey$$$$ mucha mula$$$$

23. At least one single photo from each of the Critical Mass 08 50 finalists (I already own some, so I will be less than 50...

24. To keep my job, health and prosperity for me, family and everybody around me including my little cat Gia!

25. lots of Love, Peace to everybody and maybe along the way, I find the ONE that I haven't been looking for or have not found so far...

Oh and lastly... A new Camera...a fierce one to keep my projects and this blog going!

Well that is it...a pretty simple wish list ...right?


Anonymous said...

I know you, Ruben. You will get will get them ALL. Happy Holidays!

Lisa Hunter said...

What a list! Santa should be extra generous to you, if only because you have such good taste.

Lisa Hunter said...

P.S. Get the Amy Stein photo, even if you have to forego something else. You won't regret it.

Laura said...

So I'm assuming you're going to change/add your request for Hannah Whitaker to the gorgeous snake print we saw last night!