Saturday, December 13, 2008


When I first walked in , this was a pleasant surprise

@ Jonathan Le Vine Gallery Booth the work of Shepard Fairey was a sold out success!
Also he had beautiful outdoor murals in the Wynwood area. He was the DJ at a party which I briefly attended. This kid can do it all!

ARTmostfierce did not really loved SCOPE Miami as much as SCOPE Hamptons or SCOPE NY. Perhaps it had to do with the Orlando Disney type of Playground for Kids (I really hated it and was quite appalled by it!)
To make it worst, all the publications were surrounding Kiddie Land...please!

Not only its presence and placement was annoying , so it was the noise that it generated!

Come on!... there is no room for kids play in a ART Fair. Trying to leave a city dominated by strollers now like NYC has become to come to Miami and see that!

The shopping mall or mall rat mall feel was enhanced by this kiddie land presence.
However, there were some great booths with good work like the ones highlighted above.

Come on folks, leave the kids at home and buy art!

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Lisa Hunter said...

You probably know this already, but there's a great Matthew Porter available from Humble Arts. Normal price is $275, but there's the 20 percent off sale now, so it's even more of a bargain. I love the 70s cop show vibe of these photos.