Sunday, December 14, 2008

KARINA WISNIEWSKA @ Sara Tecchia Gallery 12/18/08

Karina Wisniewska

Acrylic, lacquer, quartz sand on canvas
59 x 31.5 inches/ 150 x 80 cm

Ok Enough of Miami Basel, ready for New York,
ARTmostfierce will be @ the opening of this show !

December 18,2008-January 31, 2009 

Please read info about Karina Wisniewska
Born to Swiss-Polish parents in Venice, Karina Wisniewska began playing the piano at age five, going on to become a professional pianist and recording ten audio CDs. In 1997, she won the title Swiss Musician of the Year and was a celebrity within the classical music circuit but a freak accident interrupted her career as a professional musician.

Wisniewska's abstract quartz sand works combine music and painting to form a lively symbiosis. The paintings are sonorous; the spaces and lines of color - acrylic streaks enriched with natural or dyed quartz sand - are full of apparent fluidities, reflections and intangibilities. There is nothing concrete to identify, but neither are they governed by a chaotic juxtaposition of lines of force and color, or of geometric and magical vagaries. All is open and all, at the same time, seems structured. They are an order of chance and structure that creates a new reality of space and time. She describes her meticulous process by saying that she "work[s] by tying a small bottle with a mixture of acrylic and lacquer onto a brush so the paint flow never stops. I draw free hand without any rulers or compasses on the canvas. The difficulty is that the time to fill the drawings with quartz sand is very short. The liquid dries up very quickly and builds an impermeable surface. Thus, I need to draw, then stop, then fill it up with sand and be very careful with continuing with the other marks. The crossings are very, very difficult."

Wisniewska's work can be found in the UBS collection in Zurich, Switzerland, the Musee Abbatiale de Payerne and in many well known private collections. The paintings have also been presented at Art Basel Miami, Art Cologne, Scope Miami, Scope New York, Art Dubai and Art Shanghai among others.

See you @ the opening!

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