Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st- World AIDS Day

Today is a day to remember all the friends, acquaintances and even family members that are no longer around due this tragic disease known as AIDS.

 Over the years, I had lost a significant amount of friends that can never be replaced.

 Innocent people that had no idea what the disease really was until in most cases was too late to prevent.

 I still have a few friends that to this day continue to battle this disease and that is why it is so important to continue helping organizations like ACRIA (AIDS Community Research Initiative of America), GMHC ( Gay Men Health Crisis ), AMFAR ( The Foundation for AIDS Research) and Visual AIDS 

Most of these organizations have Art auctions benefits and print programs that in collaboration with emerging and established artists create limited editions available  for sale, all proceeds going to benefit research  and prevention programs. It is a win-win when you can purchase and invest on art and the money helps the AIDS organization.

The Housing Works is committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. They believe that all people have the right to a rich and empowering life.I had been shopping here for over 10 years.The is housing works Thrift Shops locations throughout the city and the clothes , furniture and even artwork can be quite fierce. I remembered once bidding in an auction for a enormous Roy Lichtenstein lithograph against a huge British art dealer. I lost too!

During the month of December, I will be curating a Visual AIDS online exhibit and hope to do my best in memory of my lost but, still loved and remembered friends.

 The photo above is from Gia Carangi (1960-1986) , one of the first Supermodels and also one of the first women and lesbian in America to die from AIDS. To me she represents the face of the ongoing tragedy of this disease. Take a minute of your busy day today to remember all those beautiful souls like Gia, that are no longer around.

Be Safe!

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DSM III (g.a.e.t.) said...

Crack, Aids, and boxcutters. I remember the early days of Harm Reduction in the Bronx in the mid 80's. I passed out kits, though I wish I'd have shot more.