Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thomas Ruff Limited Edition

Here is another great limited edition by EXIT Editions from ''the Land of se hablo Espanol... Spain''. Now remember before you get too excited , the price is in Euros so , if you have extra money to spend ...GO 4 IT!

EXIT Editions

Title: ry18
Year: 2002/2008
Technique: C-print
78x52 cm image on 86x60 cm paper
Edition: 30
signed on the back by the artist

Price: 2000 euros
(VAT and shipping not included)

EXIT Editions
San Marcelo 30
28017 Madrid · Spain
Tel.+34 91 404 97 40
Fax +34 91 326 00 12

EXIT Editions
San Marcelo 30 · 28017 Madrid · Spain · Tel.+34 91 404 97 40 · Fax +34 91 326 00 12 ·


Anonymous said...

Certainly not a 'bargain' at $3000 - the end of the affordable benefit edition? Might as well just buy from galleries right? Unfortunately all the pseudo dealers *cough cough* (amf) ran the price of these kinds of things up back in the heyday of art flipping circa 2007 and lofty the prices stay...

ruben said...

Firstable... I specialize in Affordable Art.
Second, What I post in my blog is because I like it, know the product and its market value. So far, I had not over paid for anything I own and hightlighted for people to buy. Thomas Ruff is Thomas Ruff. The limited edition is rather large in size and the price is not bad considering is THOMAS RUFF and NOT an unknown MFA college graduate just at of school comanding the same price for a print that size.

We can't please everybody so...If you see other postings like the ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week ,you will find more affordable choices!

Also it will be nice since you seem to have such strong opinions to match a real name and persona behind the safe and predictable anonymous...