Friday, July 31, 2009


One of Ron Arad designs

 I can't wait to see ths show and the marvelous, whimsical designs from Ron Arad!

Through an adventurous approach to form and materials in work that spans the disciplines of industrial design, sculpture, architecture, and installation, Ron Arad (Israeli, b. 1951) has distinguished himself as one of the most innovative and influential designers of our time. Ron Arad: No Discipline, the first major U.S. retrospective devoted to the artist, presents some two hundred works, from furniture and architectural models to videos and sculptures, that reveal Arad's bold experimentation with mediums, structure, and technology.

Also here is an article and review written by Roberta Smith, NY Times:

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Leon's Escapades said...

I went to see Arad's exhibit today - above and beyond any possible compliments - the guy is a genius!!