Sunday, July 19, 2009

Artmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week

House on Fire

Ray of Light

Road At Night

Artmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week goes to Photographer Christian Patterson for his OUT THERE Limited Edition Prints.  Please see some of the editions available plus  read Christian personal statement about developing the photography series. They are all 8 x 10 inch archival pigment print
Signed and numbered
Limited edition of 20


Happy Shopping! 

On January 1958, 19-year-old Charles Starkweather and 14-year-old Caril Ann Fugate murdered ten people, including Fugate’s family, in a three-day killing spree across the state of Nebraska.

The photographs in Out There were made on several road trips following the path of Starkweather and Fugate, from Lincoln, Nebraska to Douglas, Wyoming. The images include places and things from their story, and other moments and discoveries made along the way.

Photographs are the heart of this project. They are complemented by documents and artifacts that belonged to the killers and their victims, including a poem, list of dirty jokes, confession letter and photo booth portrait.

Truman Capote famously referred to this part of America as “out there.” It is a perfect description of this landscape and this story, and how I found myself responding to them. As I drove across Nebraska, I thought about Charlie and Caril Ann, the innocent victims and their families. Why did they do this? Were they scared? Were they really in love?

What I discovered, and the photographs that I made, are beautiful and sad visual metaphors for confusion, panic and fear; the love, longing and escape; violence and, ultimately, the loss of innocence.

This is a beautiful landscape, but not an innocent one.

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