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Rita Ackermann : Under Pressure from 2006 to 2007

                        Rita Ackermann- Book Cover- Under Pressure From 2006-2007

Rita Ackermann- GazheartVinyl Record Cover -2 sides -2 different images

ARTmostfierce scored yesterday and wants to share it with you
all . I went to the Rita Ackermann book signing yesterday and had the pleasure to meet Rita. Pretty, friendly, great accent,sexy like a cat and so, soo talented!

I bought the record cover illustrated here and it has a different print on each side. The record off course plays and Rita signed both prints for me!...$26.00 USD

Then...It gets better...She made a limited edition of those prints of 50 and each one side of the record was painted individually and the image was distorted with paint and more drawing . In other words , for only $250.00 USD you can obtain a one of a kind version of it and off course signed by Rita.

I don't buy paintings or drawings anymore but, sorry you can let this one pass up. So hurry and contact Max @Printed Matter and tell him you know me to get one ASAP. Rita is a brilliant artist and in person that same energy emanates from her.Her solo show at Andrea Rosen was one of my favorities of this season so far.Remember only 50 copies and you get 2 different one of kind works 12 x 12 signed by Rita!

Go 4 it!

Rita Ackermann
Rita Ackermann : Under Pressure from 2006 to 2007
Zurich, Switzerland: Nieves. 2008
Synopsis: Under Pressure from 2006 to 2007 was published on the occasion of Hungarian artist, musician, and performer Rita Ackermann’s inclusion in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. It is a collection of recent collage work in which Ackermann deftly combines newspaper clippings, paintings, drawings, and images of women throughout art history to create powerful totems of female sexuality and physicality. Writing in The New York Times, Roberta Smith described the collage works thus: “Ms. Ackermann is equally at home with scissors or ballpoint pen; with finely rendered figures and poetic phrases or words and images clipped from newspapers and magazines; and with clogged compositions or spare ones. Women--as victors, victims or silent witnesses--appear in all situations

Here is more info about the Vinyl Record
Gazheart, Rita Ackermann
Chicago, IL: Locust Music. 2008

"With GazHeart, celebrated visual artist Rita Ackermann (voice) & the No Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss (found percussion) created a playful spontaneous sound that seemingly bridged the gap between the broken pop sounds of certain strains of the no wave movement, sound poetry and catchy, otherworldly art folk using the barest of resources available to them. One time pressing of this special edition one-sided LP features an original etching by visual artist Rita Ackermann on the flip side. GazHeart is housed in a plain jacket with two opposing drawings for front & back by Ackermann reproduced on high quality archival paper stock." -Forced Exposure

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