Saturday, November 1, 2008


Photos-By somebody under the alcohol influence named Ruben Natal-San Miguel

ARTmostfierce went out Halloween Night and  partied like it was 1984. After so many weeks of severe stress due to the economy, work and the upcoming elections , I said ...ENOUGH!!!

So in a matter of minutes I got a costume and an new attitude to go with it. Let me tell you folks, I was not the only one going through it. A large majority of people in Manhattan was so ready for it too. I had such an incredible night !

People claim so much about Sex and The City and cool chicks... well there were a lot of us doing that night for real without their tacky outfits and plastic attitude!

First me and a bunch of cool co-workers that had survived layoff's got into the groove and decided to hit the super fabulous Halloween party at Techkion . Techkion is a very high end design furniture company with a quite serious showroom diagonally across from the former Limelight at 6Th Ave and 20Th Street. On a Second Floor we all had the perfect view of the Halloween parade while partying in one of those perfect bubble living settings. The party was full of beauty, style, great costumes,great DJ, hot waiters, great food and oh...a drink called Black Widow...let me tell you (Ginger beer, Vodka, Grape juice and Blackberries)

For a costume, since the economy is bad and I right now, feeling quite deprived of  art collecting ...I decided to be a Fine Art Burglar or bandit! 
The night was quite alluring with a lot of  flirtations from both sexes and even couples ...MEOW!

Afterwards we decided to come back earth, leave the bubble and hit the street and parade.

So much beauty, fierceness in the city, New Yorkers went out of town for the night.

 We hit CAFETERIA afterwards for some food and there was more party (damage ) to do!
There I order a Chicken Ceasar salad and I end it up with a real blond Ceasar Chicken..MEOW!!!

Here are some pictures ...The most appropriate ones...
I hope you all had a good one ...if not, I did for you!

At the end I had to go home and ask my cat Gia for forgiveness ...I had been a bad boy!
As you could see all she gave me was

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Anonymous said...

Ruben, Glad that NYC is still a hot bed of fun on Halloween!!!
Meow you bad boy!