Sunday, November 2, 2008

Job Piston@ Silverman Gallery, San Francisco

TITLE: Eaux d' artifice
ARTIST: Job Piston
CATEGORY: Photographs
SIZE: h: 11 x w: 14 in / h: 27.9 x w: 35.6 cm

Photo#2.Into The Gloaming, C-Print, 20 x 24 and 8.5 x 20, Edition of 3 each

Photo#3.Over the rainbow, C-Print, 20 x 24, Edition of 3

Photo#4- Self Portrait 2008, C-Print, 16 x 20
Edition of 15

During the NY Book Art Fair ,ARTmostfierce rediscovered the work of Photographer Job Piston. I had been looking at his work for a while. First time I saw it was at Maimi Art Basel 2007.

Represented exclusively by Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. and will be showing at Spinello Gallery in Miami next year, Job is still not known in the Northeast US.
Anyway, I got a pretty good deal by buying two limited edition prints from the Silverman Booth.

The print shown at the bottom is only $150.00 edition of fiffteen 16 x 20 and there another one (first photo above) 11 x 14 editon of 50 for $150.00 as well. If you buy the two prints you can get both for $250.00.

The last one(photo) is fresh out of the oven and according to Job Piston email to me is a self portrait !

Keep an eye on his work !

You will see it during Miami Art Basel 2008!
Happy shopping!
Don't look for the number one of both editions . They are hanging on my walls already!

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