Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Daddy Bruce
Justin Walker

Justin Walker
Daddy Bruce, 2010

From the series Gastro Glam
11'' x 14'' Metallic Digital C-Print
Edition of 7

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Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


Justin Walker studied art and graphic design and the University of Colorado before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2005 to pursue photography.  Largely self-taught, he now is a free-lance commercial and fine art photographer focusing on travel and food.  His work has been shown from Colorado to New York and most recently in 2011, Gastro-Glam, a graphic and colorful departure to his other work, was exhibited in "The Pleasure Is All Mine", group exhibition for Finch & Ada.  Although vastly different, both showcase Walker’s control of composition and color.

Artist Statement:
Gastro Glam is like that of a graphic illustration of modern aphrodisiactic pleasure.  Anatomical diagrams of form and color made with the idea of pursuing pleasure through food. Inspired by the consumption of foods for more than just calories "Gastro-Glam" is a study of food as an object within the ideas of modern beauty, refinement, sexual stimulation, health, and in-turn happiness and life.

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