Wednesday, April 20, 2011

L U C K Y ~ S E V E N @ F I N C H & A D A

''Lady Money Sings The Blues'' 2011, Harlem NYC
Ruben Natal -San Miguel
Image courtesy of the artist and Finch and Ada

The ladies of Finch & Ada , Elizabeth Barragan and Kathleen Mahoney- Cobb are at it again after their gallery debut and very sucessfull show run ''The Pleasure is All Mine''.

This is a very limited edition of seven with seven artists called of course ''SEVEN''
One of the SEVEN limited editions images is mine and it is new work, which I am very proud to debut here. Lady Money Sings the Blues to me exemplifies the real essence of my ongoing on its  7 year project NY, NY : Concrete Jungle  photography series which shows how Old NY and New NY are  fused together in a era of fast gentrification in Harlem, NYC. All the editions are at a very affordable price and are highly collectable. There is a great image range and they are all reproduced with the finest
reproduction quality.

Happy Shopping!

SEVEN - Limited Editions

Starts Today! Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Enrich your life. Collect art.

Finch & Ada are proud to present SEVEN, an exclusive opportunity for the emerging or seasoned art collector to acquire dynamic artworks by a selected group of next generation talent. These unique prints were expertly selected to achieve a balance between an art market sensibility and the pure joy of acquiring beautiful art. We hope that SEVEN will establish a confident relationship between Finch & Ada and our patrons to buy what they love.

SEVEN - Limited Editions print sale is composed of seven photographers andseven images - in an edition of ONLY seven, reasonably priced from $350.00-$500.00 each. This is an economically worthwhile approach for a savvy collector to enrich and expand their personal gallery. And as curators, we set out to create a visually engaging set of images by photographers who continue to enhance the future of modern photography.

In addition to all the practical reasons to collect, our motto is pretty basic, "collect what you love" and we really love these images. So much so we have created incentives to buy more than one.

COLLECTOR'S BOX: Purchase all seven prints, while supplies last, in the number of edition that is available, for $2100.00! That is a savings of $400.00! The seven images will be delivered in an archival box with archival photographer gloves.

PICK THREE: If one is not enough, pick three and save! You will receive aninstant savings of $150.00 for purchasing three prints in your order.

Please visit this link: to enhance and develop your fine art collection.

Collect with confidence. Collect what you love.

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