Friday, April 15, 2011

New York, My Dear by Janine Noelle @ Hewitt Gallery of Art 4/3-4/14/11

Janine Noelle- Chelsea
Janine Noelle- Harlem

This is Janine Noelle's very first exhibition@Hewitt Gallery of Art and a personal photographic survey of the  city that many of us like her call it home.

The silver 11x14 unique  prints cover many different parts of Manhattan mostly giving us a very intimate and personal view of that Manhattan that most of us travel every day in a frantic pace and barely have time to contemplate . It will be interesting to see if Miss Noelle in the future, will take us in a journey by extending her project to the rest of the four other borough's so, we can witness others parts of NYC that we had never seen or visited. 

The Harlem, Chelsea and Chinatown were ones of my very favorites. The ghostly quality by using the negatives, highlights and possesses a urban feel reminiscent of Vera Lutter's work. A great start and looking forward to see more of it.

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