Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little bird told me...David LaChapelle Limited Editions @ Exhibition A Monday April 18,2011!

David La Chapelle Untilted Triptych for Exhibition A
All Photos Courtesy of Exhibition A

Here is the 411...

Ok, first  make sure your taxes are filed before by Monday April 18, 2011 because, here is a great treat to invest while you wait for your refund. Photographer David LaChapelle (yes, he barely does limited editions) created this cool limited edition prints for   Exhibition A and this is your chance of having some work from one of the most creative, energetic and visionaries of the most current contemporary world of photography.

So, shop, shop get one, two, or three...

I had shown David LaChapelle's work before in a showI curated and can tell you that just a 16 x 20 photograph  of Amanda Lepore goes for a mere $15,000.00. This a great opportunity so, don't miss it. You heard it here first...

David LaChapelle's Untitled
Three archival inkjet prints on stretched canvas, available as a triptych for $425, or separately for $125, $150 and $175. Launching April 18 at

Photographer David LaChapelle’s collages are a sudden departure, conceived as fully fledged works in their own right, and contribute significantly to the discourse surrounding contemporary collage. Using his own photographs and rudimentary materials – corrugated cardboard, oil sticks, ink -- LaChapelle has found a short circuit to the primal visual immediacy and lucidity he so desires.

Start your week on a high note with high art @ very affordable prices...

Happy Shopping!

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