Sunday, April 3, 2011

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- Jeremy Kost for Jed Root to benefit Japan Society

All photos Jeremy Kost for Jed Root .

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week goes to Photographer Jeremy Kost very affordable and cool limited edition for Jed Root to benefit  Japan Society. You get 3 limited edition 8 x 10 signed prints, edition of 100 for only $150.00!

So get your plastic ready and buy it now!
Happy Shopping!

"Flowers for the Land of the Rising Sun" by Jeremy Kost
Benefit Print Sale for Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Certain moments tend to stay with us forever. The previous generations can recall the moment they learned JFK was assassinated and personally, I'll never forget 9-11, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina and now the devastation we're playing witness to in Japan.
Although I've never had the honor of visiting, through dear friends and an admiration for their culture and resolve, the tragedy has left me thinking that I needed to do more than simply text $10 to the Red Cross. Seeing them, now in the relative aftermath, having to abandon certain traditions they hold so dearly is equally heartbreaking.
Along with Nicola Formichetti, Charlie Welch and Edward Kim, I've created a benefit edition titled "Flowers for the Land of the Rising Sun". Three of my favorite guys (Jeff Tomsik, Steve Gold and Tomas Skoloudik) posing the way we enter and leave the world with a plethora of white flowers. To me the flowers represent the myriad of things from innocence, to beauty, to sadness and simplicity.
- Jeremy Kost

This set of three 8”x10” photographs, a limited-edition of 100, are available for $150 (plus shipping and handling). They are archival, digital C-prints, signed and numbered. All proceeds of this sale will go to Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.
To place your order online via PayPal

To place your order via fax, please fill out this form and fax to 212-274-0258.
Special thanks to Jed Root, Milk Studios (for the generous donation of their Penthouse Studio), House CastingThe Impossible Project USA(for providing the film), Digital Media NYCDNA Models and Major Models.
Shipping for all US orders will be via USPS Priority Mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and delivery. Please contact us at 212.226.6600 for an international shipping quote.
Tax Deductibility Disclaimer:
Due to the good-faith-fair-market-value of the goods received by the donor, this donation is non tax deductible.  You may make a tax deductible donation to Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Gold is so gorgeous he can weed my flower bed any time. I don't want him to wear anything but those lovely blooms.He looks like a fine stud to me.